As an actor of the sovereign Cloud, 3DS OUTSCALE was born from a responsible vision about companies challenges, institutions but also citizens. 3DS OUTSCALE offers a most trusted Cloud with a high level of security. 3DS OUTSCALE strongly supports the call made by the Secretary of State for Digital Affairs in France, Cédric O, for Tech companies, by bringing together its ecosystem in a collective, responsible and sincere approach.

This is the #ActForLife initiative.

3DS OUTSCALE takes action and supports solidarity initiatives offered by Independent Software Vendor (ISVs), startups and public organizations to face the COVID-19 health crisis by providing its Cloud resources and expertise.






Our customers are committed


PaaS solution and app and database hosting


Scalingo helps all European initiatives directly fighting the current COVID-19 health crisis.

App and/or database hosting for free!




Open Data to track the evolution of the global pandemic


At Opendatasoft, the adage “Sharing is Caring” is more relevant than ever. That’s why the company has decided to help you share your daily data related to COVID-19. Find out how to create your own dashboard with your data. You don’t have any data available? Don’t worry, use your department’s public data to create your own dashboard and better inform your community.



A public platform for volunteering


The government website jeveuxaider.gouv.fr (based on Scalingo’s PaaS, which is deployed on 3DS OUTSCALE’s Cloud infrastructure) allows everyone to participate in volunteering initiatives



Central hub dedicated to your crisis management. Communicate and stay informed wherever you are


For your crisis and incident committees, ICEboard helps your company structure and disseminate the right communications to the right people. It is a web and mobile application, secure and accessible from anywhere.


LockSelf, French ISV of a digital safe certified by ANSSI and specialized in secure storage and sharing


LockSelf offers the provision of their secure document sharing modules to facilitate the exchange of sensitive data between healthcare structures during the entire containment period. LockSelf’s solutions are based on the 3DS OUTSCALE Cloud in order to ensure the hosting of health data.



3DEXPERIENCE Lab: Empowering collective intelligence to fight COVID-19


Designers, engineers and manufacturers can play a critical role in combating the COVID-19 pandemic. Currently, there are many initiatives around the globe, but there is little coordination among teams. Dassault Systèmes proposes leveraging collective intelligence to source, qualify, design, engineer and manufacture rapid solutions during the pandemic.


Self-Assessment Questionnaire COVID-19

Self-Assessment Questionnaire COVID-19


Official COVID-19 orientation questionnaire from the Ministry of Solidarity and Health, deployed on Scalingo with 3DS OUTSCALE infrastructure in support. The purpose of this questionnaire is to provide guidance based on reported health status and symptoms.



Jamespot: the corporate social network that looks like you!


Jamespot is a Cloud software 100% customizable according to your collaboration and communication needs, whether at the organizational level (intranet, extranet, digital workplace, etc.) or at the team level (agile projects, business communities, operational chat, etc.).


Technical integration and 24/7 continuity of service  


SATELLIZ has been a specialist of 24/7 continuity of service of Cloud platforms since 2010, and is mobilizing its teams in order to quickly integrate any #ActForLife software or solution on the 3DS OUTSCALE Cloud.





Our ecosystem is committed





Our talented team is committed

Data Scientists Offer to Help Public and Health Organizations












Technical Account Managers Support #ActForLife Initiatives












Support and Expertise in Cybersecurity for #ActForLife Initiatives


Support and Expertise in Information Systems Architecture


Coaching and Expertise in Project Management


Communication Support and Expertise for the AP-HP (Paris Hospitals)






#ActForLife is an initiative open to Independent Software Vendor (ISVs), startups and public organizations which propose community relief to face the COVID-19 health crisis.

Please mention: #ActForLife on LinkedIn, Twitter or Facebook. We thank you for sharing.

3DS OUTSCALE is mobilizing and supporting the initiatives proposed by Independent Software Vendor (ISVs), startups and public organizations to face the COVID-19 health crisis with the community by providing its Cloud resources and expertise.

The #ActForLife program lasts until June 30, 2020, hoping that all initiatives we support have helped the community get through this health crisis thanks to you.

Your initiative must be free, without commitment or for a very short period, and must help industry or public actors overcome the current health crisis. Activities in the fields of health, industry, the city and the citizens, security, and agriculture are prioritised.

Despite the high volume of requests, we do everything we can to get back to you quickly

Your initiative is accepted, this is good news! A dedicated representative will contact you to establish the support we provide.

Unfortunately, we select initiatives corresponding to the criteria. Our Cloud infrastructure is prioritized to current customers and their capacity planning. Some Cloud resources necessary for your initiative may not be available.