Big Data as a Service

Our on-demand Big Data solutions 

Outscale’s “Big Data as a Service” offering provides customisable platforms which are entirely dedicated to Big Data and run on high-performance VMs. 

Big Data as a Service is a range of services devised for all types of Big Data projects.  


The best tools deployed on demand Infrastructure that’s ideal for all uses From a single-node DataLab to a multi-terabyte Enterprise cluster
Available in under 5 minutes Billing by the hour Full 24/7 support

Data Platform: deploy your customers’ Big Data projects quickly on a turnkey cluster

Hadoop is the platform of choice for getting a Big Data project off the ground. This open-source suite lets you create highly distributed, massively scalable applications, so you can efficiently manage huge volumes of data.

The MapR distribution on which Outscale’s Data Platform is based extends Hadoop’s capabilities, giving it unrivalled stability and performance. The Data Platform means that Big Data projects are simple to implement and deploy in less than 5 minutes, and comply with production constraints.

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In addition to the Data Platform, specialised offerings will soon be available

This service makes it possible to process data in parallel and run applications through clusters. It is built to perform sophisticated analyses, and is designed for speed and ease of use. This offering is based on open-source Spark technology.

This service makes it possible to collect together and aggregate disparate data sources for researching and graphically or visually representing information. It is based on open-source Elasticsearch, Logstash and Kibana technologies. 

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