PaaS Big Data

Our on demand Big Data Solutions 

Outscale’s « Big Data as a Service », platform is entirely dedicated to Big Data and based on Hadoop and MapR technology.


Hadoop is the platform of choice for businesses for Big Data projects. The suite lets you create highly distributed and scalable applications, so you can efficiently manage large volumes of data.

Through the use of MapR distribution, Hadoop offers stellar performance and ease of use for the benefit of its users around the world. 

Discover our MapR as a Service offer, here: 

Other solutions will be  different types of platforms will soon be available at Outscale to meet the resource needs of all your Big Data projects






  • ELK: a complete set of tools including Elastic Search, LogStash and Kibana, which gives you the power to view and manage real time data sets such as large quantities of application logs. 

spark-big data

  • Originally a building block in the Hadoop ecosystem, Spark now works as a stand-alone application and allows for in-memory grid computing. It can also be used to continually process data as a stream as opposed to packet by packet. Spark allows you to work with all of your data at once.


Check back soon and you could be one of the first users to take part in the ELK and Spark solutions, available from July, 2017.