Data Platform as a Service

Deploy your customers’ Big Data projects on a ready-to-use Hadoop cluster: Data Platform as a Service

Outscale offers Data Platform as a Service, a platform specializing in the deployment of infrastructure for hosting Big Data projects, to address your customers’ large data volumes and enhance their digital data.



With Data Platform as a Service, built on Hadoop and MapR technologies, Outscale allows you to deploy your most complex Big Data architectures on sovereign infrastructures. Given its flexibility, elasticity and performance, the Outscale Cloud is the solution of choice for integrators that seek an enterprise-class solution and unparalleled customer care to support the deployment of your data processing infrastructures. Our team is there to support your success, and will provide the appropriate resources for your projects, calculation, storage and network.


You can quickly deploy your customers’ Big Data projects on a ready-to-use Hadoop cluster – resources are available within 5 minutes, and you will demonstrate the Big Data power to your end-user customers.


The collected and transformed data are hosted in France in our optimized storage solution to ensure high performance and data security.


Data Platform as a Service, based on Hadoop’s standard tools, enables you to support your customers in the creation of highly scalable, highly distributed applications, thanks to the powerful combination of the Outscale Cloud and MapR technology..



Deploy your big data platform in 5 minutes or less!

With Data Platform as a Service, start your Big Data platforms by choosing the cluster size that best suits your customers’ needs. Your platform can be operational in less than 5 minutes.


MapR: A Production-ready Hadoop Solution!

To enable the market to have confidence in the Big Data, MapR has relied on its R & D teams to transform Hadoop into a production ready platform. With MapR-FS, MapR-DB and MapR-Streams, Big Data projects are no longer confined to simple PoCs, they become the core of the development and digitization strategies of the biggest players.

We propose 2 different configurations of Data Platform as a Service cluster to suit your needs:



1 node and 100 GiB of useful storage

A platform dedicated to Data Scientists to refine their algorithms and to perfect their skills



5 nodes and 3.36 TiB of useful storage

A ready-platform for the production combining performance, high availability and high resilience 

Why choose Data Platform as a Service:


  • Deployment is quick and easy: start a Hadoop cluster in less than 5 minutes.
  • MapR license per hour billing: a flexible billing model that gives you access to MapR support.
  • Data confidentiality: the security of your data is a top priority. With Outscale, your data is collected and hosted by a sovereign Cloud provider, ensuring their location.



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