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O2S Mobile Application

Outscale releases its free O2S mobile application for iOS, compatible with all mobile devices. 

In addition to the web application, O2S lets you control your infrastructure, and track metrics and updates on your Cloud platforms from your mobile device.

You can easily create instances and manage their life cycle from anywhere and at any time on all our Regions.

O2S gives you access to all the services needed to manage your resources.

Freely manage your Cloud resources anywhere. 


mobile application

  • Total transparency: You can safely and seamlessly access your instances  and get a global view of your infrastructure from your mobile device in real time.
  • Quick start: As an Outscale client and with your QR code, you can connect to your Cloud account by downloading the O2S app available on iOS.
  • Freedom and simplicity: With O2S, you are free to manage your Cloud interface everywhere and the main features are at your disposal..


To discover the application, you must first have an Outscale account,

Download now your O2S app :

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