ToP: New Generation on-Premise Cloud

Discover Outscale’s technology and expertise for your own on-Premise Cloud with ToP: TINA On-Premise.

The ToP Managed on-Premise Cloud offer brings together three sets into an undivided and integrated whole:

  • Managed TINA service
  • The new Flexpod® generation
  • Architecture-as-a-Service with TINA On Premise
  • A high-level managed service


The Managed TINA service:

Are you looking for both the privacy of an on-Premise Cloud and the performance of a key Cloud player? Today, it’s possible with TINA OS.

A real orchestrator of your cloud resources, this turnkey tool allows you to manage your infrastructure with total freedom. It is made up of Open Source elements that allow us to control all of our Cloud’s software layers.

Based on partner technologies that are the leaders in their fields, TINA is managed by API and hosted in our ultra-secure, Tier3+ datacentres, or on premise.

Tina OS’s characteristics:

  • API that supports over 10,000 requests per second
  • Over 100,000 VMs per Managed Tina installation
  • Over 10 million volumes and snapshots

Also, TINA’s API is compatible with Amazon EC2™* to simplify your deployments and interoperability with Clouds compatible with Amazon EC2™*.


The new Flexpod® generation

flexpod managed private cloud


Architecture-as-a-Service with TINA On Premise

schema_tina_managed private cloud


A high-level managed service

A control room and 24/7 support at your service

  • 24/7 supervision and support
  • Measurement system that allows you to see your Cloud’s consumption at any moment
  • Real-time data analysis of the whole infrastructure
  • ISO 27001:2013 certified and ITIL v3 methodology