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CloudReseller Program

Contribute to the successful digital transformation of your customers: a French Cloud program adapted to Integrators, Value Added Resellers (VARs), Managed Services Providers (MSPs) and web hosting providers.

Your customers have IT infrastructure projects, Big Data and Data Analytics projects, Disaster Recovery Plans or web application servers, and you would like to offer them a high-quality service, guaranteeing data security and IT performance. But how do you choose the best Cloud Provider? How do avoid depending on proprietary Cloud technology? What intangible assets can I offer my customers?

You can get the answer to all these questions at Outscale by choosing the Reseller partnership program.



The advantages of the Reseller partnership program:

  • Secure more business with Cloud services acknowledged by industry leaders
  • No initial investment required
  • Customers that remain your customers


Develop your customers’ business agility


Enable your customers’ infrastructure to adapt automatically to demand in just a few seconds with an open API that complies with local regulations, protecting the sovereignty of your data.


Your customers will love Outscale Cloud Computing

Classe entreprise

Consistent performance in France and the rest of the world

A global, homogeneous Cloud infrastructure built on cutting-edge equipment from Cisco, Intel, NetApp, and Nvidia.



Our architecture is highly configurable and can be specifically customised to your needs with our bespoke CxRy offer.


No Vendor Locking

For maximum flexibility, our API is open, allowing our Cloud to operate with other solutions or players on the market. 


IT Governance

You choose where your data is located in France and the rest of the world and how it is regulated.


Experts in IaaS at your side

A strategic partner of Dassault Systèmes, Outscale has been at the forefront of Cloud Computing infrastructure services (IaaS) since 2010.


Outscale develops its own Cloud operating system: TINA OS

Choose “Software-Defined Anything”. TINA OS orchestrates and automates all Cloud resources: calculations, storage, and networks. With TINA OS, your entire infrastructure can be driven by API.

Certify and deploy your applications in the Cloud!

Outscale Cloud infrastructure may be entirely customised for each of your virtual resources and may be accessed from anywhere in the world. 

Payment on time

Cloud computing moves your infrastructure from a cost centre to a profit centre by converting CAPEX to OPEX. With Outscale’s cloud, enjoy bespoke resources, completely adapted to your business at any moment.

Commitment and security

A Cloud compliant with local country regulations and that meets the latest security standards (ISO certification 27001:2013, CISCO CMSP Advanced certification, Intel Cloud Technology certification and Altavault certification from NetApp) 


Our technology partners

Our customers demand the best. We have established strong partnerships with industry leaders. We are proud to integrate and work alongside these partners to provide you with the best Cloud services in the world.



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