Equip yourself with the power of Nvidia’s GPUs 

Today, you can combine the benefits of GPUs with those of an Enterprise Class Cloud infrastructure.

  • Intensive calculations such as 3D modelling or intensive calculations
  • Optimal levels of floating point performance
  • High graphics performance

We integrate the NVIDIA Grid technology in our Enterprise Class Cloud.

  • NVIDIA Grid K2
  • NVIDIA Grid K1
  • NVIDIA Grid K20x

Nvidia GPUs offer incomparable graphical capacities:

  • Speed: faster calculations for virtualisation and 3D rendering
  • Power: benefit from high calculating performance
  • Latency: ensure long-term process smoothness

GPUs in the Cloud allow you to:

  • Boot a virtual machine equipped with a GPU
  • Benefit from the graphical and calculating performance of the latest generation cards

Why Outscale?

  • Benefit from low latency when sharing remotely
    • Reduced lag for the user when interacting with the virtual machine
    • Ultra-performance H.264 encoding capable of encoding several feeds simultaneously with superior quality