The Cloud, a Condition for Competitiveness and Efficiency

With digital transformation affecting all parts of the economy and government services, the abstract notion of computer data is actually very real. For instance, in the form of backups to protect against cyberattacks, but also medical examinations in hospitals, academic data, intelligence and cybersecurity, bank security systems, video surveillance in large cities, heritage archives, digital twins in industry, films broadcasted on TV, the data required for artificial intelligence algorithms, etc. In France, a ten-billion-euro economy centered around data is indeed emerging.


To master this transformation, IT production must transition to a Cloud architecture, i.e., an elastic, highly automated and secure architecture that increases the agility and reliability of IT production while reducing costs.


SCALITY develops software-defined storage solutions for companies and Cloud providers to be able to run services processing petabytes of data, such as:


  •   Web applications
  •   Video on demand
  •   Active archives
  •   Compliance archives
  •   Private Cloud storage


SCALITY’s solutions make multi-petabyte geographic deployments possible while decreasing the total cost of ownership. Its solutions allow customers to store large amounts of data in their data centers on standard x86 servers, or in a hybrid way, combining private and public Clouds.


As an example, the RING solution is used by several hundreds of millions of end users worldwide, with over 800 billion objects in production. Similarly, more than 800 million people worldwide regularly use services based on SCALITY’s storage infrastructure, including users of the OUTSCALE Object Storage (OOS) service.


The strength of SCALITY’s solutions lies in their ease of deployment on any standard x86 server, offering unique performance, and 100% data availability and interoperability. SCALITY’s storage solutions also integrate with traditional directories and applications.


3DS OUTSCALE has partnered with SCALITY to help companies reduce storage expense and complexity. OUTSCALE Object Storage (OOS) is a resilient, secure, and scalable object storage solution for managing large amounts of unstructured data.


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