100% available, 100% elastic

Société Générale organized a web conference using the Cloud.


To celebrate Société Générale’s 150th anniversary, the executives wanted to organise a conference for the Group’s employees.

The conference was broadcast on the Group’s intranet and the 160,000 employees could interact with speakers via a social network deployed for the occasion. The software was developed by IPPON TECHNOLOGIES.


This temporary but very visible event required :

  • High speed access to the web platform 
  • Real-time adaptation to the number of visitors connected to the platform
  • Cost correlated to resource consumption

3DS OUTSCALE’s solution

In partnership with IPPON TECHNOLOGIES’s technical department, 3DS OUTSCALE built a platform that answered all of the availability/performance/cost constraints:

Infrastructure that scales automatically, shared between several Datacenters

Large network capacity

Supplied capacity

  • 40 cores
  • 100 GiB of RAM
  • 1 GiB spread over 2 data centers in the Paris region