Securing SaaS application data by Design

Tanker is an “ Encryption as a Service” platform dedicated to SaaS solution publishers that wish to guarantee the ownership and security of their data.

The platform is available on desktop, web and mobile, guarantees ownership, security and integrity to the users of these services and natively secures the data managed and hosted by Cloud services, in a few lines of code during the development phase, without the need for security expertise.

The goal is to enable applications with Tanker to have ANSSI (French national cybersecurity agency) certification, after a quick quality audit carried out by an external laboratory.



  • Natively secure the data managed and stored by Cloud services, without the need for security expertise.
  • Guaranteeing the ownership, security and integrity of data belonging to publishers of applications in SaaS mode or developers in large companies.
  • Enabling Tanker clients to rework their application inventory, to ensure compliance with the GDPR.



Tanker has chosen the 3DS OUTSCALE solution to develop its platform and offer it to its customers in SaaS mode. Three key themes were decisive in this choice:

Data sovereignty and protection of IT investments

Tanker’s OVI (Operator of Vital Importance) clients have constraints in terms of the geographical location of their sensitive data. 3DS OUTSCALE provides sovereign hosting in datacenters located in France, which are therefore subject to French legislation. With its administration tools (console and API), 3DS OUTSCALE guarantees maximum flexibility to its clients to make its cloud interoperable with other solutions or players on the market.

Reduced investments, agility and flexibility of resources

With billing per second, the 3DS OUTSCALE Cloud enables Tanker to have high level infrastructure, IT resources and support every day, without heavy capital investments.

Simplicity of deployment and management, to focus better on one’s core business

Using virtual machines has enabled partitioned infrastructure to be deployed simply, in the network layer itself, between production, qualification and development environments. Similarly, being able to simply duplicate a machine has helped Tanker to approach scalability issues with peace of mind. Finally, as the system administration needs were considerably reduced, Tanker was able to focus its engineers’ development efforts on its core business.


  • Data sovereignty and protection of IT investments.
  • Provision of administration tools (console and APIs) for maximum flexibility.
  • Scaling resources according to needs (bandwidth, computing power or storage space).
  • Simplicity of deployment and management, to focus on the core business.