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To offer you an Enterprise Class Cloud that guarantees your data’s security and your applications’ performance, we have joined with the best.


Today, you can combine the benefits of GPUs with those of an Enterprise Class Cloud infrastructure.

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In the Cloud, hard drives are no longer present on the (host) machine that supports the virtual (guest) machine. The storage technology in place is in NetApp storage bays.

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Outscale uses the best technology with Cisco UCS, to provide you in 28 seconds virtual machines by using the Linux KVM hypervisor (v1.5) and based on a 10GbE network.

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L’infrastructure Outscale possède la toute dernière génération des processeurs Intel : Haswell. Cette nouvelle architecture permet une performance de calcul améliorée avec un nouveau jeu d’instructions et de meilleurs accès mémoire avec de la RAM type DDR4.

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