Empowering the Healthcare sector with OUTSCALE Business Experience


Transform your organization with OUTSCALE Business Experience for Healthcare.

OUTSCALE Business Experience for the healthcare sector offers a unique portfolio of solutions to streamline processes, improve the physician experience and enhance the patient journey. Through the integration of contextualized data and a collaborative platform, Business Experience enables healthcare professionals to provide personalized, efficient care, thus improving the quality of overall medical services.

Why Choose OUTSCALE Business Experience for your digital transformation?


Promote smooth and efficient collaboration within your healthcare structure for coordination among departments or between the hospital and city doctors.

Comprehensive Care Pathway View

Gain full visibility into the patient journey. Such transparency ensures better coordination among various stakeholders and optimizes medical resources.

and Regulation

Ensure the highest level of security for your health data storage and management through certified cloud meeting the highest standards of safety and reliability.


Enhance the caregiver experience by automating time-consuming and repetitive tasks, especially administrative ones, allowing healthcare professionals to focus on quality care for their patients./p>


Anticipate your health organization’s resource needs and detect events thanks to advanced predictive algorithms.


Strengthen decision-making with analyses based on real data, anticipate and prepare for various situations, whether it's managing an outbreak or optimizing patient intake during peak times.

Use cases

Physicians’ Experience

A positive physicians’ experience is essential for improving the quality healthcare and the well-being of patients.

This Business Experience allows healthcare professionals to focus on their core duties by automating time-consuming and repetitive administrative tasks.

It provides a comprehensive and real-time view of processes, resources, and patient flow, enabling optimized management, accurate forecasting, and agile adaptation to changing situations.

Patient Journey

Every patient is unique, and their journey within the healthcare facility should be just as distinctive. Modeling the patient journey with the Patient Journey Business Experience allows for tracking, analyzing, and enhancing each step of the medical stay.

From scheduling appointments to discharge, this solution ensures smooth coordination between various departments, reduces wait times, and guarantees a superior patient experience, all while bolstering operational efficiency.

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