We love Open Source

We use Open Source software and applications, and contribute very actively and regularly to Open Source initiatives.

At OUTSCALE, software development is organized in a lively way with people who work together, design together and innovate together.

Open Source is an answer to the common issues to the community.

Open Source ensures sustainability for future versions.

Open Source provides high quality development.

Development teams fix Open Source projects by providing feedback and qualifications. In exchange, based on the principle of give and take, our teams receive new codes or improvements to OUTSCALE’s Open Source projects.

At OUTSCALE, the Open Source and Application Development teams are involved in 2 types of contributions:

  • Contributions for OUTSCALE
  • OUTSCALE’s contributions to other communities


Mainly intended for technical users, system administrators and developers, OUTSCALE offers Open Source tooling projects.

These applications or application building blocks are used to use OUTSCALE’s Cloud Services to facilitate their use.



Packetgraph is a network toolbox for building your own network applications (Network Functions Virtualization) or SDN (Software Defined Network). Packetgraph is intended for network developers. This Packetgraph Open Source project is usable outside the OUTSCALE Cloud platforms.



From the Packetgraph network toolbox, Butterfly is a virtual network switch. Butterfly allows you to virtualize networks by controlling them via an API. It allows virtual machines (VMs) to be interconnected with each other via very low latency virtual networks. This Open Source Butterfly project is usable outside the OUTSCALE Cloud platforms.



OSC CLI is a set of connectors to the OUTSCALE API. OSC CLI is mainly intended for system administrators.



Our Open Source team is involved in many projects. Here are some of them:


This is certainly the community in which we contribute intensively and regularly with our full-time external contributor (Alberto Garcia, Igalia company).

This mainly involves the development of new functionalities on storage virtualization layers.

It is considered as integrated into the “official maintainers of the tool”. He keeps a blog where he presents his work: https://blogs.igalia.com/berto/


Packer is a tool for building identical machine images for multiple platforms from a single source configuration. Packer helps to manage Cloud images in a single language. The purpose is to help manipulate an Outscale machine image.