OUTSCALE Object Storage

OUTSCALE Object Storage (OOS) is a large-scale, secure, and resilient storage service that enables you to store, manipulate, and access large amounts of data in the Cloud, via API.


In light of the exponential growth of data volumes, 3DS OUTSCALE is launching OUTSCALE Object Storage (OOS). An object storage service, that enables you to manage large quantities of unstructured data, such as text files, multimedia files (images, audio, videos, etc.), websites, web applications, etc.


With a guaranteed durability of 99.9999999999%, OOS is easy to access from the Internet in HTTPS via REST API requests, and is compatible with industry-standard APIs. 

OOS simplifies the management of your resources, which are replicated several times in the Cloud. Data are stored in a non-hierarchical structure, as objects accessible through a single access point, and can be retrieved at any time.

The whole OOS service is based on a sovereign and scalable infrastructure integrating Scality’s RING solution for better data management in your Cloud environments. 



In addition, security settings enable you to manage backups with ease.

OOS is available on all our regions, including our qualified SecNumCloud and HDS (Health Data Hosting) region. It is designed to integrate with other 3DS OUTSCALE services to facilitate the deployment of your new applications.


Characteristics of the OUTSCALE Object Storage solution:

  • Storage of objects and files in a single system
  • Distributed Storage Architecture
  • Unlimited scalability 
  • Unlimited scale performance
  • Increased data protection thanks to Erasure-Coding method
  • Compatibility with market standards



Benefits of OUTSCALE Object Storage (OOS)



Your data is protected by thanks to Erasure coding method.




In addition to data replication, the OOS service ensures continuity of updates and flawless operation.


OOS supports large data volumes of any size and adapts to the growth of your storage needs.


Only storage that is actually used is charged, for the exact duration of time it is used.




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