OUTSCALE, a brand of Dassault Systèmes

Enter in the Experience as a Service

The New Paradigm of Experience Economy

This is obvious to us. We have entered an age where value creation has shifted from the product to its use. Data flows have become the new lifeblood of innovation, replacing old paradigms of parts and inventory. This data, contextualized to uses, is valuable information and now strategic raw materials that allow organizations to control and accelerate their transformation towards an amplified version of themselves : more collaborative, more efficient, more innovative.

Transformative Business Experiences

OUTSCALE is a game-changer. Our Business Experiences provide unprecedented access to an expansive portfolio of fully personalized, Cloud-based services. Businesses and institutions can benefit from virtual twins that enable users to excel in their roles, a groundbreaking step in the journey from product-centric to sustainable experience-centric models.

A Commitment to Sustainable Innovation

As industries globally are pivoting towards sustainable experiences, we aim to offer the most secure and trusted environment for experiencing new universes. To achieve this goal we imagine and build science-based, platform-based, and Cloud-based virtual twin experiences. These are the catalysts for sustainable innovation in today’s Data Economy.

The Power of Collaboration

We bring together all stakeholders into a shared system representation, offering a unique blend of 3D virtual modeling, simulation, and real-world data that breaks down silos. The Cloud is an innovation enabler that is simple, secure, mobile, and above all, sustainable.

Sovereignty in the Cloud

In a world that is increasingly virtual, data sovereignty is a necessity. OUTSCALE is proud to be the Leading Sovereign and Sustainable Operator of Trusted Business Experience as a Service. We protect your data in an immune regulatory environment which meets the needs of cyber governance.

Our Pillars

Creating value through New Business Experiences

OUTSCALE's business experience twins empower all business users to excel in their roles. From market intelligence and cost optimization to talent management and innovation acceleration, we break down silos and capture organizational knowledge and know-how.

Enabling Cyber-Governance

We are the strategic, sovereign Cloud partner for governments and critical companies across industries. Our three-tiered experience Cloud offers international, sovereign, and dedicated Cloud services, ensuring the highest levels of trust and security.

Empowering Through Ecosystem

Our Cloud ecosystem is designed to develop business experiences and address cyber governance effectively. Thanks to the Marketplace offer, we provide an even more comprehensive suite of solutions for your needs.

Making sustainability at the Core

We are committed to transitioning from Green IT to IT for Green, enabling organizations not only to innovate but also to drive their own eco-responsibility. This shift allows organizations to create value in a way that is aligned with sustainable practices.

The Future is Now: Creating New Value for All

As we look towards the future, we see a world where the lines between the virtual and physical continue to blur. In this new reality, the consumer, the patient, and the citizen stand to gain the most. Through our secure, sustainable, and innovative solutions, we empower each individual to experience a richer, more fulfilling life. Whether it's through enhanced healthcare experiences, more sustainable consumer choices, or citizen-centric services, OUTSCALE is committed to adding new value to life.

Let's build a better tomorrow, today.


    OUTSCALE supports its customers in deploying cutting-edge innovations to accelerate their digital transformation.

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    A continuous improvement approach in line with market standards: SecNumCloud, ISO27001, 27017, 27018, HDS, CISPE, TISAX, LUCIE 26000.

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    In line with the UN's sustainable development goals, OUTSCALE takes action every day to meet environmental, social and economic challenges.

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A project in which everyone can grow and build

Bringing together a diverse community of talents is a powerful asset that enables us to meet the expectations of a society in transition.

Our unique approach, based on the combination of our talents' expertise, our cutting-edge technological solutions and our proven processes, enables us to reinvent today's digital uses and thus transform tomorrow's world.

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OUTSCALE enriches its offers and services with OUTSCALE Business Experience.


Launch of OUTSCALE Marketplace,a one-stop shop for trusted solutions on the OUTSCALE Cloud.


OUTSCALE has strengthened its position in terms of data security and sovereignty by obtaining Health Data Hosting (HDS) certification and SecNumCloud qualification from the ANSSI.


OUTSCALE for Entrepreneurs, 3DS OUTSCALE's new start-ups acceleration programme, has been launched.


OUTSCALE obtains ISO 27001 certification, the most widely recognised international standard for information security management.


Creation of OUTSCALE and development of TINA OS, an API-driven Cloud orchestrator.