OUTSCALE for Entrepreneurs, the accelerator for innovative startups

Whether for a global or local market, there is no single, universal solution. In a market, there is no universal solution. Startups are no exception to the rule, as they operate in a changing, diversified and highly competitive environment.
OUTSCALE is redesigning and rethinking the ecosystem by proposing a real partnership of support that encourages collaboration and the development of innovations.


OUTSCALE for Entrepreneurs is the acceleration program that inspires startups to transform themselves and scale up to industrialization.

Together to change the world

OUTSCALE for Entrepreneurs’ mission is to promote the development of fast-growing start-ups that encourage sustainable and responsible innovation, placing people at the heart of technological concerns for current and future generations, and enabling their growth to be controlled industrially.

OUTSCALE for Entrepreneurs is the 3-month acceleration program that brings together startups that have validated their proof of concept and are ready to scale up, allowing them to access the Dassault Systèmes reference cloud.

OUTSCALE for Entrepreneurs is made for your startup

OUTSCALE for Entrepreneurs is different:

  • You are free: OUTSCALE does not take equity in your capital, encouraging you to seek financial partners, and does not commit you at the end of the 3 months of acceleration
  • You are supported: OUTSCALE brings together mentors with the expertise to support you in many essential areas
  • You are surrounded: OUTSCALE shares with you its ecosystem of customers and technological partners, and introduces you to Dassault Systèmes’ 3DEXPERIENCE LAB
  • You have the best Cloud technology: OUTSCALE offers you Cloud services, meeting Dassault Systèmes’ highest security certifications and industrial requirements, with an endowment of €20,000

Start whenever you want your personalized and dedicated journey to succeed

The startups selected for OUTSCALE for Entrepreneurs are considered and receive our full attention. We know that each startup develops at its own pace. It is necessary to choose the right time to integrate an acceleration agenda.

  1. Application: you apply directly on the website without any seasonal or timeline constraints
  2. Selection: every month, the selection committee qualifies the candidate startups
  3. Start: together we define the right moment to start the acceleration
  4. Personalized journey: according to your needs, we define together a journey around Cloud resources, training and coaching with the mentors
  5. Build and Run: in complete autonomy, you develop your innovation on the cloud of the world leader Dassault Systèmes
  6. Development: let’s identify what makes you unique and communicate your value proposition in our ecosystem

Tangible benefits for your startup

  • Dedicated Program Manager
  • € 20,000 endowment for Cloud and OUTSCALE Professional Services, training and workshops
  • Use of on-demand cloud resources such as computing power, Nvidia GPUs, network, storage and security
  • Availability in Europe, the United States and Asia
  • Access to 24/7/365 technical support
  • Assigning a Technical Account Manager
  • Opening to the mentoring program
  • Construction of a proof of concept (POC)
  • Enhancing the value of your service on ISO-certified infrastructures
  • Highlighting your innovation through communication operations
  • Promotion of your startup within the entire OUTSCALE ecosystem
  • Deployment on a high scalability, industrial-class cloud

You can start now

Startups that offer unique solutions in the fields of industry 4.0, smart city, life sciences, govtech, security including cloud computing technologies, big data, AI, 3D rendering, IoT, machine learning, deep learning.

Access conditions:

  • be less than 3 years old
  • have a turnover of less than one million Euros/Dollars
  • not already be an OUTSCALE customer

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