We are Committed and Responsible

3DS OUTSCALE’s vision is to provide Cloud technologies allowing for responsible and sustainable innovation, whilst putting individuals at the center of technological concerns for current and future generations.

All of the talents evolving at 3DS OUTSCALE contribute to this vision by developing a fully trusted Cloud technology and services, including data protection, security assistance, service quality and transparency, for other organizations.

By providing an industrial Cloud technology, 3DS OUTSCALE offers on demand computing resources usable by the second, thus eliminating the need for organizations to equip themselves with heavy, costly, energy-consuming and non-agile infrastructure.

3DS OUTSCALE makes this cutting edge technology available with confidence and in a continuous improvement effort. This is Excellence as a Service.


RSE - Outscale Cloud - label LUCIE


To support this effort, we comply with the LUCIE label, based on the ISO 26000 standard. The label was obtained as a result of the CSR actions orchestrated and accomplished by 3DS OUTSCALE, and audited and approved by the trusted third party audit company Bureau VERITAS. This is proof of our commitment.

This commitment is strengthened at European level with the signature of the Climate Neutral Data Center Pact, an initiative coordinated by CISPE (Cloud Infrastructure Services Providers in Europe).

This pact is part of the “Green Deal” and aims to reduce the environmental impact of data centers at European level by 2030. This reinforces 3DS OUTSCALE’s will to initiate environmentally responsible actions and contribute to a new digital era that respects the environment for current and future generations.



Social Responsibility is Part of the Global Strategy

  • We take our social responsibility very seriously and include it to our global strategy
  • We embrace a holistic vision which gives us purpose
  • We are driven by professional ethics

We Guarantee Responsible Governance

  • We implement a fair and participative organization
  • We promote diversity and representation in 3DS OUTSCALE’s governance
  • We manage financial, social and reputation-related risks


We Respect Each Individual, Their Dignity and Their Fundamental Rights

  • Respecting fundamental individual rights in all our activities is our duty
  • We prevent harassment cases
  • We ensure that we never are in illegal employment situations

We Prevent All Forms of Discrimination and Promote Equal Opportunities

  • We fight against all forms of discrimination
  • We promote equal treatment and diversity

We Protect Stakeholders’ Confidential and Personal Data

  • We systematically ask for consent for data retention
  • We are transparent on data retention and modification procedures
  • We secure data retention


We Contribute to the Creation of Sustainable Jobs

  • We monitor the use of the diverse work contracts
  • We justify the use of provisional contracts
  • We implement protection plans for our co-workers, regarding social, training and career matters

We Advocate for a Good Quality of Life at Work

  • We provide good working conditions through management and organization
  • We ensure a good work-life balance

We Make Social Dialogue Possible in All its Forms

  • We ensure good information flow through internal communication and feedback
  • We define the scope of social dialogue
  • We establish regular dialogue and collective bargaining

We Protect our Co-workers’ Health and Safety

  • We guarantee and implement a health and safety policy
  • We prevent health and safety hazards
  • We raise co-workers’ awareness

​​We Encourage our Co-workers’ Growth and Professional Development

  • We train every talent working within the organization
  • We develop our talents’ skills and responsibilities

We Ensure a Transparent and Fair Remuneration System

  • We guarantee an objective and transparent remuneration system
  • We ensure that remuneration is suitable for any standard of living, in proportion with the lowest and highest ratio


We Use Eco-design for our Products, Activities and Services

  • We implement eco-design
  • We promote circular economy

We are Concerned About Minimizing Resource Consumption

  • We reduce our consumption
  • We inform and raise awareness about the reduction of resource consumption

We Limit Pollution as Much as Possible

  • We identify and measure any form of pollution related to our organization’s direct or indirect activities
  • We strive for waste reduction and valorization

We Adopt a Structured Approach for Environment Protection

  • We follow a structured approach for the protection of the environment through awareness, training, management, auditing, etc.
  • We contribute to the protection and valorization of ecosystems


3DS OUTSCALE is aware of the impact of the activities of digital stakeholders on the environment and is continuously striving for improvement. We therefore want to structure and promote our environmentally responsible and sustainable commitments. This mission was entrusted to the independent company AdVaes, specialized in prospective analysis and the positioning of digital solutions in terms of responsible and reasonable uses.

AdVaes’s resulting report on our commitments aims to formalize the key actions of 3DS OUTSCALE and its partners in terms of material and technology that come within the scope of their CSR approach. This report helps measure and promote efforts to control our environmental footprint. Our approach is based on the following key issues: greenhouse gas emissions, carbon footprint, water consumption, waste treatment and recycling and use of plastic.



We Prevent Any Act of Corruption (Active or Passive)

  • We demonstrate transparency and integrity
  • We establish procedures for corruption risks
  • We define the rules for advantages and gifts granted to and by co-workers

We Guarantee Fair Competition

  • We ensure fair competition
  • We respect property law
  • We act responsibly in the public sphere

We Promote Social Responsibility Among our Suppliers and Partners

  • We integrate social and environmental criteria in our purchasing and contracting policies and practices
  • We promote social responsibility among our suppliers, subcontractors and partners
  • We control the social responsibility criteria required of suppliers, subcontractors and partners

We Create Long-lasting Relationships with Suppliers and Partners

  • We ensure equal treatment between all suppliers
  • We ensure compliance with contract conditions, such as payment periods, and secure a win-win relationship
  • We control suppliers’ level of dependency and cash flow needs


We Promote Responsible Commercialization Practices

  • We ensure accurate, clear and accessible presale information on contractual terms, risks, etc.
  • We do not convey stereotypes or values that go against the common good
  • We inform our clients about the impact of their choice of products and services on their well-being and the environment

We Guarantee the Safety of Our Products and Services

  • We adopt a comprehensive approach to health-security risk management
  • We provide information on our products and services’ residual risks and precautions for use

We Offer Products and Services that Comply with Quality Commitments and Contractual Clauses

  • We respect the contractual clauses and quality commitments of our offering
  • We analyze customer satisfaction
  • We implement a customer support policy

We Support Access to Essential Products and Services or of General Interest

  • We ensure the financial and material accessibility of our offering to disadvantaged customers
  • We adapt our offering to the real and primary needs of the area and its population
  • We identify and mobilize local economic stakeholders


We Contribute to the Socioeconomic Development of the Areas Where We Are Established

  • We contribute to the development of employment and skills
  • We carry out actions for the inclusion of priority groups
  • We boost the local economy’s investment and buying power

We Take Part in General Interest Initiatives

  • We voluntarily contribute to sponsorship and patronage operations
  • We implement project selection processes
  • We analyze the results of these actions

Towards a Responsible and Global Commitment

Finally, in 2015, the UN set 17 Sustainable Development Goals during the Rio Conference. Several stakeholders and countries have committed to achieving these goals.

3DS OUTSCALE is also committed and contributes to 6 of these 17 goals :

    • Access to quality education
    • Gender equality
    • Clean and affordable energy
    • Decent work and economic growth
    • Reduced inequalities
    • Responsible consumption and production

We are Committed and Responsible

The CSR policy and its commitments are part of 3DS OUTSCALE’s governance and Information Security Management System (ISMS), foundation of the ISO 27001 certification.


Gender Equality Index: 83/100

Pay gap = 33/40
Individual raise rate gap = 35/35
% of co-workers who obtained a raise in the year following their maternity leave = 15/15
Number of co-workers of the underrepresented gender among the 10 highest-paid co-workers = 0/10


We are mindful of gender balance and equal pay in our workforce. We are working to ensure that balance and equality are effectively reflected in 3DS OUTSCALE, whose line of business is characterized by a strong male presence.
In 2021, the gender equality index is 83/100. This is an improvement compared to 2019 (79/100), which inspires us to continue our efforts in favor of equal pay between women and men.