Benefit from the first SecNumCloud-qualified, secure, sovereign Cloud with two AZs for greater resilience


OUTSCALE is making available the Public Sector Cloud: the first French Cloud platform (IaaS) for public and parapublic organizations, Operators of Vital Importance (OIV) and Operators of Essential Services (OES), to support them in their digital transformation.

The Public Sector Cloud is a range of IaaS-type Cloud services providing all the resources (computing, storage, network and security) ready for use to meet the specific needs of public and parapublic sectors, Operators of Vital Importance (OIV) and Operators of Essential Services (OES) in terms of security, confidentiality and digital sovereignty.

This new Cloud offer, available on two SecNumCloud qualified AZs by ANSSI, meets the most stringent security requirements to better protect your data and applications.

Already fully ISO 27001 certified for information security controls based on ISO/IEC 27017, which covers aspects of Cloud security, 3DS OUTSCALE's Public Sector Cloud is also ISO 27018 certified for the protection of personally identifiable information -PII- in the Cloud.

OUTSCALE is also certified as a Health Data Hosting (HDS) in accordance with ASIP Santé certification of personal health data hosts.



SecNumCloud-qualified sovereign Cloud on two AZs, designed for public, parapublic sectors, OIV and OES.


Your data is stored in France under a contract governed by French law.


OUTSCALE protects the confidentiality of your data and information in compliance with the strictest standards.

SecNumCloud certification, issued by Agence Nationale de la Sécurité des Systèmes d'Information (ANSSI), reflects OUTSCALE's commitment to customers demanding the highest levels of confidentiality.

This label reinforces OUTSCALE's status as a certified, trusted and ultra-secure sovereign Cloud provider, meeting the most stringent requirements in terms of data security and protection.

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Audited by LNE and issued by ASIP Santé, the Health Data Host certification is the result of an in-depth audit process, enabling OUTSCALE to offer its customers a reliable French Cloud infrastructure that meets the highest security requirements for the medical sector.

This is a proof of OUTSCALE's commitment to offering highly secure Cloud services for healthcare data processing.

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Offering a Cloud of Excellence and hyper-confidence, guaranteeing the security of your data and the performance of your service, 3DS OUTSCALE provides proof of its commitments, backed up by fully certified services and organization for information security and management in the Cloud (ISO 27001-27017-27018).

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The Cloud Computing Services (IaaS/PaaS) market provides a catalog of Cloud offerings dedicated to the public and parapublic sector.

Supported by the Union des Groupements d'Achats Publics (UGAP), this contract is the result of collaboration with the Direction des Achats de l'État (DAE) and the Direction interministérielle du numérique (DINUM), and Capgemini has been chosen to steer, manage and lead it.

The 3DS OUTSCALE offer is available through UGAP and Capgemini's "Cloud Computing Services" market.

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OUTSCALE, referenced by the hospital IT purchasing group (CAIH).

CAIH oversees the awarding of public contracts in the IT and telecoms fields for its members, which are all public and private not-for-profit healthcare establishments.

CAIH members can benefit from our SecNumCloud-qualified and HDS-certified sovereign Cloud offering through the "Health Data Hosting" market.

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