New Cockpit experience


Create and manage your resources securely in the OUTSCALE Cloud.

Deploying Cloud resources should be as easy as managing them, which is why 3DS OUTSCALE has developed its own web interface for Cloud deployment: Cockpit. 

Get started with ease: once your Cloud account is created, you have automatic access to the secure deployment platform to launch your resources.


Cockpit features


1. Securely log in to your Cloud account 

Access your Cloud account securely with multi-factor authentication. Multi-factor authentication is available for the login/password and the access key authentication methods.

Store your client certificate either locally on your computer (knowledge factor), or on a separate physical device such as a smart card (possession factor).



2. Easily deploy the resources of your choice

In just a few clicks, deploy the Cloud resources you need to fit your use cases. Cockpit v2-beta was designed to save you time by optimizing deployment.

You can, for example, configure your virtual machine (VM) swiftly with the root volume customization available in the VM creation modal.






3. Easily manage your Cloud resources

Enjoy real-time dashboards of your resources and an overview of your consumption per unit of work (over a customizable period of up to 62 days).







Access your Cloud account securely with multiple authentication factors, a security measure recommended by The French National Cybersecurity Agency (ANSSI).

Ease of deployment

Deploy the Cloud resources you need to respond to fit to your use cases in a few clicks.



Only pay for the resources you use. Resources are billed on a “pay-as-you-go” basis with per-second precision.


A secure single entry point to access all of OUTSCALE’s Cloud regions and manage your resources.