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Whatever your Cloud Computing project, 3DS OUTSCALE can show you different use cases.

3D modeling in the Cloud

A market-leading publisher of 3D-model analysis software was looking to improve and update its offer. Its clientele is made up of aeronautical design companies with very large 3D models (ex. commercial aeroplanes) that require great performance and low system and network latency. Their current solution also requires 3D rendering supplied only locally for each user with the purchase and maintenance of heavy workstations for 3D acceleration.
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Collecting and analysing web data in real time

Belogik is a SaaS software solution that can collect, gather and analyse any kind of machine data from the web in real time. The solution is based on Elastic Search technology and the Python programming language. The whole application is designed to use Amazon APIs.
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100% available, 100% elastic

To celebrate Société Générale’s 150th anniversary, the executives wanted to organise a conference for the Group’s employees. The conference was broadcast on the Group’s intranet and the 160,000 employees could interact with speakers via a social network deployed for the occasion. The software was developed by IPPON TECHNOLOGIES.
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Deployment of Open Data portals in the Cloud

OpenDataSoft, the Open Data leader, is developing an online platform designed for the rapid and economical transformation of all types of data into innovative services. Provided in SaaS (Software as a Service) mode, the OpenDataSoft solution enables public and private organizations to build data portals to be used either on-premise, or in public mode within the framework of open data projects.
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Artificial Intelligence in the Cloud serving industry 4.0

Connect Your Machine (CYM) is a start-up that offers predictive maintenance solutions based on Artificial Intelligence. These enable companies to monitor and analyze the behavior of their machines, in order to define models for smooth operation and anticipate failures
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Secure Sharing of Sensitive Data on a Sovereign Cloud

After 3 years of R&D, LockSelf entered the market in 2018 and obtained the First Level Security Certification (CSPN), delivered by the National Cybersecurity Agency of France (ANSSI), immediately afterwards.
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Securing SaaS application data by Design

Tanker is an “ Encryption as a Service” platform dedicated to SaaS solution publishers that wish to guarantee the ownership and security of their data. The platform is available on desktop, web and mobile, guarantees ownership, security and integrity to the users of these services and natively secures the data managed and hosted by Cloud services, in a few lines of code during the development phase, without the need for security expertise.
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Deployment of the on-premise private Cloud for a smart and sustainable city!

More and more cities are adopting the “Smart City” concept to meet the technological, economic and environmental challenges of tomorrow. .  For example, an Indian city that wants to launch a transformation project to become the connected city of the future!
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