Deployment of the on-premise private Cloud for a smart and sustainable city!


More and more cities are adopting the “Smart City” concept to meet the technological, economic and environmental challenges of tomorrow. . 

For example, an Indian city that wants to launch a transformation project to become the connected city of the future!


A city with futuristic ambitions

The city contacted 3DS OUTSCALE via a world-renowned software publisher that is a leader on its market, to redesign its organization and optimize its digital resources and services.


The Cloud, a sizeable ally!

To carry out this transformation project, the city placed all its trust in 3DS OUTSCALE and more specifically in its on-premise Private Cloud solution.

This is a dedicated platform on which the publisher’s modelling software suite was installed to virtually display the future city’s planning developments.




  • Creating an understanding between different institutions, business sectors, inhabitants and the natural environment.
  • Meeting the challenges of tomorrow by optimizing all services and projects.
  • Operating, planning, experimenting and taking decisions for the development of infrastructure and the deployment of services.
  • Representing the physical city accurately in the virtual space.



To improve the quality of its services, the Indian city used one of the largest software publishers in the world to model its future services on a Private Cloud platform deployed on premise by 3DS OUTSCALE.

Thanks to deployment of the turnkey TINA on-Premise solution (hardware, application and service), the city now has its Cloud on site and its own infrastructure in its own Datacenters. Once the solution was installed, the software publisher integrated its software platforms enabling the city’s development to be simulated in a virtual world, and experimentation with innovation projects.

Since then, the Indian city has provided its public organizations, institutions and private companies with the possibility of working on the design of tomorrow’s products and services. The platform gathers, processes and analyses the data collected in real time from the different connected objects (devices, connectors, cameras, etc.).

These new applications concern several aspects of the city including planning, mobility, environment, energy management, etc. These projects are part of the emerging challenges of tomorrow that the city will have to face


The city now has its own Private Cloud located on its premises, to manage its own data, deploy new applications locally and model future services via the publisher’s 3D software solutions