ToP: New Generation on-Premise Cloud

Discover 3DS OUTSCALE’s technology and expertise for your own on-Premise Cloud with ToP: TINA On-Premise.


TINA on-Premise is a turnkey and on-premise Cloud, that allows you to build your own custom Cloud.

The platform offers the same features as a public Cloud while providing flexibility, automation and data security benefits in an on-premise environment.


TINA on-Premise (ToP) speeds up the digital transformation of companies by providing them with Cloud services and features in on-premise environments for optimal operational efficiency in workload deployment.





It is a Cloud on-premise appliance with an integrated system with the TINA OS operating system (developed by 3DS OUTSCALE since 2010) on the FlexPod solution (composed of Cisco Nexus switches, Cisco UCS servers, NetApp storage, latest Intel processors and Nvidia GPUs). 


With TINA on-Premise, you create your applications in hybrid environments and deploy solutions on site that meet strategic challenges.


You benefit from the performance, automation and compatibility advantages of a public Cloud in a private on-premise Cloud platform.







With ToP, you can benefit from 3DS OUTSCALE Cloud services on your premises.


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TINA on-Premise characteristics:


  • API that can process over 10 000 requests per second
  • More than 100 000 VMs per TINA installation
  • More than 10 million of block volumes and snapshots
  • More than 35 000 IOPS per volume
  • 10 Gb Ethernet PCI Passthrough support
  • NVIDIA GPU integration



  • Easy Management: 3DS OUTSCALE provides a management interface (TinMan) for administrators and a user interface (Cockpit) to easily manage Cloud resources.
  • Swift deployment: No hardware and software integration or configuration to operate, hardware and application lifecycle management is included.
  • API compatibility: Zero vendor lock-in. 3DS OUTSCALE’s APIs are compatible with market standards. 
  • Automation: With TINA OS, your Cloud resources are automatically and fully API controllable.
  • Tailor-made service and support: 3DS OUTSCALE provides various levels of support 24/7as well as Outscale Professional Services (a range of services, training and workshops to support IT Departments in their digital transformation).
  • Innovation and agility: TINA on-Premise is a solid base for innovationallowing the continuous integration and development of short-cycle projects.






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