Empowering the public sector with OUTSCALE Business Experience


Transform your organization with OUTSCALE Business Experience for Public Services

The OUTSCALE Business Experience, leveraging data science and sovereign cloud, provides public entities the ability to digitally model their systems and processes by creating a virtual twin of their organization. This virtual twin allows for addressing real-world problems within a digital world, leading to process optimization, increased operational efficiency, and quality services for citizens.

Why Choose OUTSCALE Business Experience for your digital transformation?


Break down silos and enhance collaboration between different departments with an environment that unifies all stakeholders around centralized and contextualized information.

Process Twin

Dive into a new dimension of operational management by digitally modeling your business processes. The Business Experience provides an accurate and dynamic visualization of your activities in real-time to identify optimization areas and better manage operations.

and Regulation

Ensure the highest level of security with the ITAR-qualified and ISO 27001-27017-27018-compliant cloud.


Reduce response times and improve service quality by optimizing and automating business processes.


Anticipate trends and adapt your strategies in real-time. Use data to foresee upcoming events and make informed decisions.


Explore various situations or policies and their potential impacts on your organization. Test alternative strategies in a secure virtual environment before implementing them.

Use cases

Social Fraud Detection and Management

In an environment where transparency and rigor are paramount, this Business Experience for the public sector digitally models the procedures for detecting and recovering social fraud.

This innovative solution provides public sector players with a holistic and updated view of cases, ensuring optimal management, early anomaly detection, and seamless integration of the latest anti-fraud policies and measures.

An Employee Virtual Twin

Redefining management and staff administration through standardized and proven business processes, this Business Experience transforms each step of the HR journey, from recruitment to workforce exits, including training management and payroll.

Processes become smooth and responsive, optimizing your operations. This approach focused on continuous improvement provides every participant in the HR process with a collaborative platform, a virtual twin of processes, and predictive algorithms to unlock the potential of Human Resources with efficiency and innovation.

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