SecNumCloud, ANSSI Security Visa granted to 3DS OUTSCALE

3DS OUTSCALE, first IaaS infrastructure to be SecNumCloud qualified by l’Agence Nationale de la Sécurité des Systèmes d’Information
(National Agency for Information Systems Security)

3DS OUTSCALE, with its Cloud Public Sector Offer, is the first IaaS infrastructure to be granted the Security Visa SecNumCloud by National Agency for Information Systems Security. It represents the highest level of commitment to safety. Obtention of the SecNumCloud certification allows 3DS OUTSCALE to meet the most demanding criteria of digital security, confidentiality and sovereignty needs of public and semi-public players and Vital Operators.

SecNumCloud, the Security Visa issued to 3DS OUTSCALE by ANSSI is only granted to the most reliable players of the industry that meet the highest safety criteria of the security systems implemented in the organization.



In order to obtain the qualification, the company must comply with the set of rules that govern the service provider, its staff and the overall performance of services. A series of audits carried out by ANSSI evaluated the protection devices and data processing processes.


Download the SecNumCloud Visa here (french version)