SecNumCloud 3.2, the Security Visa from ANSSI

OUTSCALE, the first SecNumCloud 3.2 qualified IaaS infrastructure


OUTSCALE is the first SecNumCloud 3.2 qualified IaaS infrastructure, certified by the National Cybersecurity Agency of France (ANSSI). This represents the highest level of commitment to security.

The SecNumCloud 3.2 qualification enables OUTSCALE to ensure maximum protection for sensitive digital data of public institutions, healthcare, and vital operators. It imposes enhanced criteria, such as protection against extraterritorial laws.

This qualification sets the highest security standard in Europe, including in this new version: strengthening cybersecurity, the principle of composition (an editor can qualify only its software as long as it runs on an infrastructure already SecNumCloud qualified), and immunity to extraterritorial laws.
SecNumCloud 3.2, the Security Visa issued by ANSSI, helps identify the most reliable and sovereign actors in the market. It assesses, based on strict criteria, the security implemented in the organization and services, as well as the operator’s commitment to sovereignty.


Thus, OUTSCALE meets the digital needs and experiences of today and tomorrow while preserving the security and sovereignty of everyone’s data.


Download the SecNumCloud Security Visa here (French version)