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Outscale Cloud permits you to instantly deploy infrastructure, applications and services according to your business needs. You can run Linux and Windows applications in Europe, North America and Asia on 5 data centers.


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The whole Outscale On-Demand Cloud services including all IaaS and PaaS services are certified Enterprise Class:

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Compute – Cloud On Demand CxRy

Outscale offers On Demand Cloud Computing resources via CxRy VM or pre-determined VM types.

GiB RAM Unit - per hour€0.010 €0.010 €0.010 €0.010 €0.015 €0.015
Virtual Core (vCore or vCPU) per unit -per hour
v5 CPU Generation€0.035€0.101€0.035€0.101€0.053€0.146
v4 CPU Generation€0.030 €0.096€0.030 €0.096€0.045 €0.138
v3 CPU Generation€0.028€0.094€0.028€0.094€0.042€0.135
v2 CPU Generation€0.025€0.091€0.025€0.091€0.038€0.131
v1 CPU Generation€0.020€0.086€0.020€0.086€0.030€0.123
CxRy Virtual Machine (VM) can be customizable up to 78 vCores and 720 GiB RAM.
Pricing is per VM-hour consumed for each VM, from the time an VM is launched until it is terminated or stopped. Each partial VM-hour consumed will be billed on a per second.


Outscale provides compliant Amazon Web Services* Virtual Machines: read more about Compatible Cloud Virtual Machines. 

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Compute – Dedicated Cloud Virtual Machines

Allocate the Cloud resources you need.

Additional price for a dedicated VM - per hour€2 €2 €2 €2 €2 €2

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Compute – Outscale Cloud Virtual Machines

Get started quickly your Cloud projects and launch your Outscale VM.

Virtual Machine (per hour)vCPURAMGPULinuxWindowsLinuxWindowsLinuxWindows
General Purpose with GPU
Remote Visualization
og4.2xlarge161202 €3.520€4.576 €3.520€4.576 €4.680€6.168
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Compute – Outscale Virtual Machines with compute optimized 

Discover our virtual machines optimized for high performance computing.

Virtual Machine (per hour)vCPURAMLinuxWindowsLinuxWindowsLinuxWindows
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Compute – Outscale Virtual Machines with memory optimized 

Launch virtual machines optimized for large memory capacities.

Virtual Machine (per hour)vCPURAMLinuxWindowsLinuxWindowsLinuxWindows
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Compute – Outscale Virtual Machines for Big Data

Test our virtual machines dedicated to the deployment of your Big Data applications.

Virtual Machine (per hour)vCPURAMSSDLinuxWindowsLinuxWindowsLinuxWindows


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OS – Customized Softwares

Software Licenses available per hour, per month and per year.

Windows Server 2016 License (by 2 cores)Per hour€0.132€0.132€0.187
Per month€66€66€95.04
Per year€726€726€1045.44
Windows SQL Server 2016 Web Edition* License by 2 cores (4 cores min. **) Per hour€0.099€0.099€0.143
Per month€50.60€50.60€72.864
Per year€556.60€556.60€801.504
Windows SQL Server 2016 Standard Edition* License by 2 cores (4 cores min. **) Per hour€0.858€0.858€1.236
Per month€429€429€617.76
Per year€4 719€4 719€6 795.36
Windows SQL Server 2014 Enterprise Edition* License by 2 cores (4 cores min. **)Per hour€3.278€3.278€4.72
Per month€1 639€1 639€2 360.16
Per year€18 029€18 029€25 961.76
Windows 10 E3 VDA LicensePer hour€0.07€0.07€0.10
Per month€33€33€47.52
Per year€363€363€522.72
MapR License per Virtual MachinePer hour€1.12€1.12€1.12
Oracle Linux OS DistributionPer hour€0.20Get a QuoteGet a Quote
* The License is eligible to the contract ” Microsoft Mobility Licence“.
** Above 4 cores, price is available for 2 cores (4 cores minimum per order).
For previous versions of SQL Server, please contact:

Network – Virtual Private Network

Connect your Private Enterprise Network in total security.

VPN Connection/ hourConnection€0.030 €0.030€0.050

Network – Public IP & Traffic

Allocate Public IP Addresses.

Public IP use/ hourIP€0.005 €0.005 €0.020
Outbound traffic/ GiB - per monthTraffic€0.005 €0.005 €0.200
Inbound traffic/ GiB - per monthTrafficIncludedIncludedIncluded

Network – Load Balancer Unit

Control your Network Traffic.

LBU - per hourUsage€0.030 €0.030 €0.050
DirectLink 1 GiB/sSetup fee€1000 €1000 €1500
Monthly commitment€2500 €2500 €3750
1 year commitment ( /month)€2083 €2083 3124.50
3 years commitment ( /month)€1736 €1736 €2604
DirectLink 10 GiB/sSetup fee€3500 €3500 €5250
Monthly commitment€8750 €8750 €13125
1 year commitment ( /month)€5292 €5292 €7938
3 years commitment ( /month)€4410 €4410€6615

Network – NAT Gateway

Optimize your Network performance with NAT Gateway in your Virtual Private Cloud. 

NAT Gateway (/hour)€0.050€0.050€0.060

Storage – Object Storage

Outscale Storage Unit is an object storage.

GiB de stockage objet Enterprise
(1 Site, 3 réplicas) (/mois)
0,040 €0,060 €0,080 €
GiB de stockage objet Premium
(2 Sites, 6 réplicas) (/mois)
0,100 €0,130 €0,200 €
Trafic entrant
vers le stockage objet
Trafic sortant depuis
le stockage objet (/GiB)
0,080 €0,080 €0,350 €
Pack GiB de stockage objet
Enterprise (1 Site, 3 réplicas)
avec trafic illimité (/mois)
0,100 €0,120 €0,400 €
Pack GiB de stockage objet
Premium (2 Sites, 6 réplicas)
avec trafic illimité (/mois)
0,160 €0,190 €0,520 €
GiB “Enterprise” Object Storage (1 Site, 3 replicas) (Per month)€0.040€0.060€0.080
GiB “Premium” Object Storage (2 Sites, 6 replicas) (Per month)€0.100€0.130€0.200
Inbound traffic to Object Storage IncludedIncludedIncluded
Outbound traffic from Object Storage (Per GiB) €0.080€0.080€0.350
Pack GiB “Enterprise” Object Storage (1 Site, 3 replicas) with unlimited traffic (Per month)€0.100€0.120€0.400
Pack GiB “Premium” Object Storage (2 Site, 6 replicas) with unlimited traffic (Per month)€0.160€0.190€0.520

Storage – Block Storage

Outscale Block Storage Unit is a block mode storage.

GiB de stockage « Magnetic » (/mois)0,070 €0,060 €0,080 €
GiB de stockage « Performance » (/mois)0,119 €0,100 €0,120 €
GiB de stockage « Enterprise » (/mois)0,149 €0,125 €0,142 €
IOPS sur stockage « Enterprise » (/mois)0,078 €0,065 €0,074 €
GiB de stockage « Snapshots »
0,100 €0,130 €0,200 €
GiB « Magnetic » storage (Per month)€0.070€0.060€0.080
GiB « Commodity » storage (Per month)€0.119€0.100€0.120
GiB « Enterprise » storage (Per month)€0.149€0.125€0.142
IOPS on « Enterprise » storage (Per month)€0.078€0.065€0.074
GiB « Snapshots » storage (Per month)€0.100€0.130€0.200

The total price depends on the volume of data you store and the volume of outbound data that are transfered.
Storage is billed monthly.

More about Block Storage Unit.

PaaS – Data Platform as a Service Clusters

Make your clients’ Big Data projects a success.  

DataLab (1 Virtual Machine)€2.104€2.103€2.591
Enterprise (5 Virtual Machines)€10.815€10.758€13.277

Indicative price € HT per hour, not including outgoing network traffic. More about Data Platform as a Service

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Services – Outscale Professional Services

Boost your Cloud skills.  

More about Outscale Professional Services

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