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Reconnu par la CNIL, le code de conduite CISPE est un ensemble de principes et de règles adoptés par les fournisseurs de services d’infrastructure cloud en Europe. Il garantit que les données des clients sont stockées et traitées exclusivement dans l’Espace économique européen, conformément au règlement général de protection des données (RGPD). Il interdit également l’utilisation des […]

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TISAX Certified : OUTSCALE Protecting Data in the Automotive Industry

TISAX Certification for Data Protection in the Automotive Industry The TISAX certification, issued by the ENX (European Network Exchange) Association, guarantees the security of critical data in the automotive sector by implementing procedures and methodologies that meet the most demanding security standards. TISAX enables the automotive sector to address information security and data protection challenges, ensuring a chain of trust in the storage and processing of data. The framework, based on ISO 27001 and coupled with specific requirements of the automotive industry, covers the scope of information security and data protection.   Learn more

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SecNumCloud 3.2, the Security Visa from ANSSI

3DS OUTSCALE, with its Cloud Public Sector Offer, is the first IaaS infrastructure to be granted the Security Visa SecNumCloud by National Agency for Information Systems Security. It represents the highest level of commitment to safety. Obtention of the SecNumCloud certification allows 3DS OUTSCALE to meet the most demanding criteria of digital security …

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HDS Health Data Hosting Provider

HDS certification, granted to 3DS OUTSCALE by ASIP Santé (Agency for Shared Health Information Systems) is a sign of the confidence that 3DS OUTSCALE is committed to offering the highest level of Cloud infrastructure security. This certification sets a new dynamic with of cooperation with medical services providers. It is also a strong commitment to this ecosystem that will enable this sector to keep health data stored on a reliable Cloud infrastructure that meets the highest security requirements.

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ISO/IEC 27001

The first Cloud Provider in Europe to be certified over the whole of its business and Cloud infrastructure, 3DS OUTSCALE is committed to the best risk management in information security. On 2 October 2014, 3DS OUTSCALE was certified compliant with the ISO/IEC 27001 standard by the BSI Group; this international security standard consists of verifying the security of the information system’s tools and processes and in confirming the compliance of the Cloud platform’s information security management systems with the strictest industrial requirements. This certification is our customer’s insurance of a maximum level of security for Cloud Services. We have implemented measures that apply to all activities in order to maintain this certification.

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ISO 27018 : Cloud Privacy Protection

ISO 27018: specific to privacy protection in the cloud, it is a real addition to good security practices in the context of the processing of personal data.

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ISO 27017: Cloud Security

ISO 27017: specific to cloud security, this certification highlights best practices between customers and suppliers and brings transparency to their relationship.

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