• Harness the full potential of your business with TINA on-Premise        and Intel technology

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  • Graphics Performance,                      High-Performance Computing        and Artificial Intelligence with NVIDIA GPU integrated in the Outscale Cloud


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  • Digital Transformation: Are you ready to transform and disrupt your infrastructure model?

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  • Develop your Cloud projects in the heart of Hong Kong and make the best of your applications with low latency


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Big data
Collecting and analysing web data in real time with Intel
3D modeling in the cloud with GPU Nvidia
Web resources 100% available and 100% elastic

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Discover the Cloud, without limits

and deploy your IT resources with agility in a legal framework that guarantees sovereignty over your data.

Cloud sur-mesure

Cloud Architectures

Benefit from tailor-made Cloud resources and deploy Cloud platforms adapted to your challenges.

Cloud de Confiance

Trusted Cloud

Adopt the trusted Cloud that can support you by guaranteeing the security and protection of your data.

Classe entreprise

Excellence Center

Experts team by your side to set up the Cloud architectures best suited to your needs through the use of Outscale solutions.


Compatible Cloud

Manage and control your cloud resources by integrating Outscale APIs that are compatible with market standards.


Take fast advantage of our Enterprise Class solutions

Deploy your application in other countries in complete security and improve your performance with our Cloud certified by industry leaders: Cisco, Intel, NetApp and Nvidia.

  • Infrastructure entirely Cisco Powered® – CMSP Advanced certified
  • Calculating processors and ICT (Intel Cloud Technology) data processing approved by Intel
  • The best storage solutions “Built on NetApp®” and Altavault certified
  • Realistic real-time rendering with Nvidia Grid K2 cards for 3D virtualisation


Outscale develops its own Cloud operating system: TINA OS

By operating and contributing to develop its own orchestration software, TINA OS, Outscale guarantees complete control over its Cloud.

Choose “Software-Defined Anything”. TINA OS orchestrates and automates all Cloud resources: calculations, storage, and networks. With TINA OS, your entire infrastructure can be driven by API.

Managing your infrastructure through code while injecting your own metrics allows your services to adapt proactively. Handling peaks of activity, conquering new markets, deploying new features: we have designed TINA OS so that you can instantly adjust your Cloud services to meet your specific needs.


Develop your business agility

Allow your infrastructure to automatically adapt to demand in just a few seconds with an open API that complies with local regulation to protect the sovereignty of your data.

The quality of Outscale Cloud’s user experience is based above all on its speed of use, especially for provisioning and de-provisioning resources in just a few seconds. This is the spirit of constant performance improvements to which Outscale works on automating its solutions.

The life of the Cloud by Outscale

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