OUTSCALE, the first Cloud qualified with SecNumCloud 3.2


Outscale le premier et unique Cloud qualifié SecNumCloud 3.2


The highest distinction in France and Europe addressing the challenges of security and sovereignty delivered by ANSSI (French National Cybersecurity Agency).

  • OUTSCALE, a Dassault Systèmes brand, becomes the first Cloud operator to receive the ANSSI security visa for SecNumCloud 3.2 on its Public Cloud services.

  • Positioned as the leading sovereign and sustainable operator of trusted Business Experiences as a Service in the cloud, OUTSCALE holds the ANSSI qualification SecNumCloud 3.2 and additional certifications such as HDS, ISO 27001, 27017, 27018, CISPE, and TISAX.

  • The 3.2 version of the SecNumCloud framework, aligning with the high level of the future European Certification Scheme (EUCS project) and European requirements for personal data protection, attests to a very high level of digital security requirements, encompassing technical, operational, and legal aspects.

  • OUTSCALE becomes the only Cloud operator aligning with the “Cloud at the Center” doctrine of Prime Minister Elisabeth Borne, for the public sector, thus positioning itself as a strategic partner for institutions in their compliance journey.

  • In response to the rapid growth of Artificial Intelligence (AI), which is fundamentally reshaping the working practices of professionals across all sectors and the daily lives of citizens, OUTSCALE offers its AI capabilities with SecNumCloud 3.2 qualified GPUs.


Saint-Cloud, December 11, 2023 – OUTSCALE, a Dassault Systèmes brand, announced today, it has received the ANSSI security visa, SecNumCloud 3.2, for maximum protection of sensitive data.

In June 2023, Prime Minister Elisabeth Borne announced through the “Cloud at the Center” Doctrine, the obligation for “digital services of administrations to be hosted on a SecNumCloud qualified Cloud by ANSSI and protected against any extracommunity regulation”.

A major step in the compliance of public actors, this measure provides guarantees of security and sovereignty to citizens’ data with confidence. Today, holding the SecNumCloud 3.2 qualification, OUTSCALE becomes the first Cloud operator aligned with the “Cloud at the Center” Doctrine and thus becomes the strategic partner for institutions in their compliance efforts in line with the modernization policy of public action.

The SecNumCloud 3.2 qualification ensures maximum protection of sensitive digital data for public institutions, health, and vital operators, with strengthened criteria such as protection against non-European law. This qualification represents the highest standard of security in Europe, including, in this new version, the reinforcement of cybersecurity, the principle of composition, and immunity to extraterritorial regulations.


Sovereign Cloud for Strategic Industrial Data

A major pillar in the quest for data protection solutions, the SecNumCloud 3.2 framework addresses the growing challenges of organizations handling strategic data, such as public institutions, healthcare actors, and vital operators. It assists them in making informed choices aligned with digital challenges.

With the SecNumCloud 3.2 qualification, OUTSCALE has implemented practices that meet technical, legal, and organizational protection requirements. This ensures a maximum level of security and sovereignty over the digital data of critical organizations, allowing them to focus on their core activities, fostering innovation and competitiveness. This qualification, now recognized as the highest standard of security and trust in Europe, goes beyond the criteria of the previous version. It strengthens cybersecurity, introduces the composition principle to expedite the creation of a trusted ecosystem of publishers, and ultimately guarantees the sovereignty of data hosted in the French cloud through immunity to extraterritorial laws.


OUTSCALE, pioneer of sovereign AI

The exponential growth of artificial intelligence is fundamentally reshaping professional practices across all sectors and impacting the daily lives of citizens. OUTSCALE, as a Cloud operator, stands out by utilizing GPUs available on a sovereign Cloud qualified with SecNumCloud 3.2, providing a unique solution to the increasing demand for intensive AI-related computations while adhering to strict standards of security and sovereignty.

The OUTSCALE Cloud enables the mastery of governance, deployment of highly efficient and secure AI solutions, and the creation of virtual environments mirroring reality, breathing life into the most complex and sensitive projects.


Sovereignty and security at the core of OUTSCALE’s DNA

For over 12 years, OUTSCALE has addressed the challenges of digital sovereignty and strategic autonomy by providing organizations with a sovereign, secure, and industrial Cloud environment. Recognized for its commitment to excellence and compliance with the highest security standards—SecNumCloud, HDS, ISO 27001, 27017, 27018, CISPE, and TISAX—OUTSCALE emphasizes security as a critical component of its organizational framework. It implements strict security policies and maintains an SMSI (Information Security Management System) in perfect compliance with international standards and best practices, endorsed by trusted third parties. The SecNumCloud 3.2 qualification reinforces OUTSCALE’s commitment to delivering the highest level of security to organizations and citizens, both in France and across Europe (EUCS certification scheme to come).

In line with the new SecNumCloud framework, OUTSCALE’s commitment exceeds security requirements, offering an additional guarantee of sovereignty to clients. This ensures an industrial cloud that is immune to extraterritorial laws, thereby consolidating the protection and control of sensitive data.

OUTSCALE customers can create new virtual experiences in complete confidence, in sovereign environments, while maintaining complete control over their cyber governance, by choosing the location of their data in accordance with local regulations, and protected from foreign interference.


With the SecNumCloud 3.2 qualification, OUTSCALE :

  • Enables digital services of the State and institutions to comply with the Cloud at the Center Doctrine (making OUTSCALE a strategic partner in the modernization of public action).

  • Meets the current and future digital needs and experiences while preserving the security and sovereignty of everyone’s data.

  • Addresses the requirements of public and private actors in the market concerned with the protection and security of their strategic assets, who must comply with demanding regulatory frameworks.

  • Contributes, through the principle of composition, to the emergence of a competitive, high-performing, reliable, and trustworthy French offering essential to the digital transformation of businesses and society.


« OUTSCALE is making history by becoming the first Experience as a Service Cloud operator to achieve the SecNumCloud 3.2 qualification, a recognition of our unwavering commitment to digital sovereignty and security. We provide our public and private clients with the necessary confidence to innovate and stay competitive in a secure, sovereign, and tailored environment » declares Philippe Miltin, CEO of OUTSCALE, Dassault Systèmes.



OUTSCALE, a Dassault Systèmes brand, is the leading sovereign and sustainable operator of Trusted Business Experience as a Service. We revolutionize the way organizations operate with our virtual twin approach, thereby empowering public organizations and companies across industry sectors to fully harness the power of their data, to optimize their operations and processes while fostering collaboration. At OUTSCALE, we put sovereignty at the heart of our solutions, enabling our clients to have full control over their strategic information while taking advantage of our cyber governance and cloud experience. As a responsible company, we optimize the energy efficiency of our infrastructure and encourage our clients to adopt sustainable practices. To learn more about our innovative solutions, visitez en.outscale.com.


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