Automate and manage your OUTSCALE Cloud resources with multiple application programming interfaces (APIs).


Experience the agility of our Cloud infrastructures with automated provisioning and scalability now being easier than ever. 3DS OUTSCALE offers APIs that help you to manage its Cloud services. Architects and developers particularly appreciate using our APIs.




Why is agility the quality that defines the OUTSCALE Cloud?

3DS OUTSCALE offers its Cloud services on demand and with instant provisioning, making it easier for you to innovate and carry out tests. You can also address business opportunities faster than when using manual configuration for servers, storage or network resources.





The OUTSCALE API is built and published in a “standard” and “open” format.

An API that allows you to manage your resources using a unique endpoint.

To access the OUTSCALE API documentation: https://docs.outscale.com/outscale-api

Compliant API

3DS OUTSCALE provides an AWS-compliant API to help you manage your resources in the OUTSCALE Cloud.

An API accessible from different endpoints depending on the service.

To access the AWS-compatible API documentation: docs.outscale.com


Accélérateur startups - OUTSCALE for Entrepreneurs

Avoid delays in end-to-end delivery

Think about the end-to-end delivery, from your request for IT resources to their operational delivery. There is no benefit in having a self-service portal only to create tickets. Neither is it enough to use Cloud computing to streamline the developers’ workflow. The OUTSCALE API allows you to streamline all your processes automatically and in record time.

Accélérateur startups - OUTSCALE for Entrepreneurs

Experience agility

What does agility mean?
Uncertainty requires agility. Depending on circumstances, you might need to add more infrastructure resources or delete some. Today, the variation in resource allocation is generally quite significant or difficult to foresee. The OUTSCALE API allows you to scale up or down your IT resources to fit your needs.

Innovation Cost

Optimize your global IT infrastructure cost

Taking into account the competitiveness of computing infrastructure costs at a given point in time, the cost of Cloud services is undoubtedly lower than your current costs, even if you were to gather your resources together. The OUTSCALE API allows you to immediately access all the IT resources your company needs.

Innovation Outscale

Accelerate your company’s agility

Improve the agility of numerous services and departments in your company. You can provide preconfigured servers with their OS and Web stacks instantly, without needing to locate, install or set up any components. All the functionalities for virtual machines, security, storage or network services are easy to activate.





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