Sovereign Large Language Models as a Service (LLMaaS) by OUTSCALE

Empowering the future with secure, sovereign AI solutions.

Transform your industry with LLMaaS by OUTSCALE

Welcome to the future of artificial intelligence with OUTSCALE’s Sovereign Large Language Models as a Service (LLMaaS).
Designed specifically for the public sector, healthcare, defense, financial services, and other highly regulated industries, our service offers unparalleled data security, compliance, and performance.

A MISTRAL AI and Dassault Systèmes partnership


Leveraging the expertise and technology of MISTRAL AI’s commercial models and powered by SecNumCloud-qualified OUTSCALE Cloud, our LLMaaS ensures your data remains sovereign and secure.

Why choose LLMaaS by OUTSCALE?

Full Sovereign AI Stack

Enjoy the benefits of a fully sovereign AI stack that includes MISTRAL AI’s commercial models and best-in-class GPU-based infrastructure, pre-packaged for your ease of use.

Data Localization

We ensure your data is stored and processed within specific geographic boundaries, complying with local regulations like SecNumCloud 3.2 ANSSi qualification and HDS (Health Data Hosting) certification.

Enhanced Security

Our robust security measures protect your sensitive information, vital for sectors where data confidentiality is critical.

EU GDPR Compliance

Our services are designed to meet stringent regulatory requirements, ensuring your operations are fully EU compliant and personal data is protected with CISPE certification, recognized by CNIL.

High Availability

Benefit from high uptime and reliability, ensuring your critical applications remain operational at all times.



Our AI infrastructure is built to scale, efficiently handling varying workloads for large organizations.


Top-Tier Performance

Powered by NVIDIA GPUs on OUTSCALE Cloud services, we deliver exceptional performance for your AI applications.

Cutting-Edge Technology

We use the latest advancements in AI and machine learning, offering you state-of-the-art services.


Committed to Ongoing Innovation

We continuously improve our services to keep you ahead in the technology curve.

Stakeholder Engagement

At OUTSCALE and Dassault Systèmes, we actively collaborate with MISTRAL AI to enhance our AI capabilities, applications, and cloud services.

Building Future-Ready AI Services

Our collaborative approach ensures that our sovereign LLMaaS is always evolving to meet the unique needs of our clients.

The OUTSCALE advantages

Public Sector

By 2027, over 30% of government organizations will employ AI-driven solutions to streamline operations and enhance public services.


By 2025, 50% of healthcare providers will be using AI to improve diagnostics and personalize patient care.


By 2026, AI applications in defense will increase operational efficiency and strategic decision-making by 40%.

Financial Services

By 2025, 60% of financial institutions will integrate AI to enhance fraud detection and risk management.

Highly Regulated Industries

By 2026, 45% of organizations in regulated industries will adopt AI to ensure compliance and improve operational efficiency.

Embracing a sustainable future

Generative AI is set to transform society for the citizen, patient and consumer.
It elevates personalization, streamlines product development, enhances content creation, and much more.

Seize the opportunity with sovereign GenAI

Partner with us to create sovereign generative AI solutions that meet the highest standards of security and sovereignty, tailored specifically for sensitive industries and institutions

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