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New Cloud Region: Japan

A robust, efficient network architecture to meet customers’ and partners’ needs   

3DS OUTSCALE has deployed a global network infrastructure based on state-of-the-art technologies. 3DS OUTSCALE’s network infrastructure delivers class-leading response times and availability.

With 3DS OUTSCALE’s Cloud, you can choose to locate your data and applications in the geographical regions of your choice. You can migrate your data and applications yourself from one region to another and on the following continents: Europe, North America and Asia.


We have deployed a global backbone, consisting of links for 3DS OUTSCALE’s exclusive use, with leading Tier-1 global operators. This backbone consists of submarine links spanning the whole planet: Europe – United States, Europe – Japan and Japan – United States.

A global network built on a high-performance, highly secure infrastructure

Our worldwide coverage is enhanced by the implementation of several Points of Presence (POPs) across the covered regions. All of our points of presence, which are themselves joined together with multiple links, interconnect to form a powerful, robust and highly secure global network.

Thanks to Multi-AZ, your data is replicated across multiple data centres in the same region, and can be replicated across several different regions upon request. Replicating your applications and data gives you increased fault tolerance and higher availability.

Our infrastructure is designed to ensure continuous, uninterrupted access to your business continuity services, disaster recovery plan, backup services, etc.

Regional loops reinforced by Internet peering

3DS OUTSCALE has connected all of its data centres at a regional level, thus providing high availability of access. This forms regional loops.  

And to improve latency and provide the best experience for users, 3DS OUTSCALE has strengthened its Internet Peering Interconnection agreements by region. Each 3DS OUTSCALE site has at least one 10 GiB Internet service.

Connection offerings are available for connecting your private clouds: VPN and DirectLink.

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