LBU – Load Balancer Unit

With Load Balancing, get high availability of your applications and optimal network performance

The Load Balancer Unit (LBU) manages internet traffic between different Virtual Machines.

Your applications will be more tolerant of breakdowns or activity peaks thanks to Load Balancing between the different VMs.

The Network load is distributed in protocol, between multiple subnets available in a Virtual Private Cloud (VPC) and between different Availability Zones (AZ).

To ensure more privacy for your data, the Secure Socket Layer (SSL) protocol is compatible with the LBU service for decrypting connection requests. It validates the confidentiality and encryption of data exchanged between the internet and the Load Balancer.


With the implementation of a Load Balancer Unit, the scalability of your applications is simplified and you benefit from a fault tolerance network and an optimization of the response time of the platforms.



  • Network elasticity: benefit from a robust network capable of adapting to the new fluctuating traffic. 

  • Better management and control of internet traffic: enhance the user experience of your applications.

  • High availability: get a better network fault tolerance.

  • Distribution of the load between Availability Zones: your traffic is automatically routed to the different VMs available in the AZs.

  • Support for HTTPS SSL protocols in “end-to-end”.




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