Optimize the management and tracking of your financial documents with a Business Experience specially designed for PRIIPs regulations


Simplify the marketing of financial products

The Business Experience KID for PRIIPs enables you to maintain this level of compliance and not be concerned by regulatory risks. In addition to generating key disclosure documents, Business Experience users can schedule document updates, automate risk calculation monitoring, and establish a new version of a document when a feature changes. All these changes are stored and accessible in a secure database.

Increase productivity with automated generation and updates of KIDs

Our KID for PRIIPs solution uses Artificial Intelligence modules to generate PRIIPs-compliant documents.

The 4-step generation accelerates the KID drafting process, guaranteeing a high level of compliance and document tracking performance.


Upload prospectus and rules


The tool identifies key information and rules


Manual confirmation


Automatic KID editing

Benefits of Business Experience KID for PRIIPs

Automated processes

Automate the generation of Key Information Documents (KIDs) and schedule updates.

PRIIPs compliance

Ensure your documents comply with PRIIPs regulations. Avoid regulatory risks and the impact on your brand image.

Update and archive

Keep track of your documents across all funds. Keep document history after any substantial change.

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