How pricing works?

Cloud computing puts your infrastructure from a cost center to a profit center by moving from CAPEX to OPEX. With the 3DS OUTSCALE Cloud, get customized resources, completely tailored to your business at all times.

By offering a per second billing option, 3DS OUTSCALE meets all your cloud needs: We supporting your activity down to the second and bring you the agility you need for the development and sustainability of your business. 


Do you have a Cloud Project?


Pricing closer to the needs of our customers

3DS OUTSCALECloud permits you to instantly deploy infrastructure, applications and services according to your business needs.
You can run Linux and Windows applications in Europe, North America and Asia on 5 data centers.


No commitment


No termination fees


Pay only for what you use


Per second billing

Pricing elements



Custom cXrY Cloud Servers


Network infrastructure

  • Public IP address
  • VPN and IP traffic
  • VPC free

Storage solutions

Volume stored and outbound data transfer volume


Billing by the second, in the unit of work

Invest on the real value : your expertise !

You have the choice between :

  • a completely on-demand mode (with or without commitment)
  • a private mode in datacenter
  • an On-premise mode

The consumption of resource is in multi- mode; All functions are available via API

You have full transparency of costs and functionality as well as a contractualization and a simple and effective payment method. 

You can rent or buy equipment for TINA dedicated versions

So, you won in agility by accessing to three continents with the same contract and centralized billing.

Finally, technical support is at your disposal 24/7.