A dedicated link between your private Cloud and the 3DS OUTSCALE Cloud

You need to connect to the 3DS OUTSCALE Cloud without passing through a public network?

You want to own a private connection dedicated to your resources, with sovereignty guarantee  of your data ensured by a Cloud provider?


3DS OUTSCALE offers DirectLink, a dedicated, high performance, fast, and secure connection between your infrastructure and Cloud resources.

DirectLink is a direct connection to your resources that’s located in a Virtual Private Cloud (VPC) which doesn’t pass through a public or third-party network provider.

This fast and secure connection enables you to manage access to your resources in complete confidentiality.

You control bandwidth traffic and enjoy low latency data transfers, even when the data load gets heavy (large databases, Big Data, …).

Two types of bandwidth:

  • 1 Gbit Ethernet
  • 10 Gbit Ethernet. 


  • Optimal connection security: Secure your data and avoid any exposure to the public Internet.
  • Performance of a dedicated and private network with low latency: Create a private DirectLink connection from your company’s network and take advantage of the low latency.  
  • Respect digital sovereignty: Your data and information are stored with a total respect of sovereignty policies.
  • Control of bandwidth traffic: 1Gbit/s or 10 Gbit/s
  • A certified infrastructure you can trust: 3DS OUTSCALE is ISO/IEC 27001 certified, which guarantees a Cloud platform compliant with Information Security Management Systems (ISMS).

DirectLink at your service

Our experts will help you create your private network and interconnect your infrastructure with DirectLink in the 3DS OUTSCALE Cloud.

With a 1 Gbit Ethernet or 10 Gbit Ethernet connection, you can access your resources hosted in the 3DS OUTSCALE Cloud without passing through a public network. Your company’s router is directly linked to the 3DS OUTSCALE DirectLink router.


The technical know-how and expertise of our engineers and architects guarantee you a secure point-to-point link to handle your data traffic.

 To enjoy DirectLink benefits, please fill out our form, and our team of experts will answer all your questions and help you set up your project.  





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