To meet the challenges of resilience, compliance, and security of complex architectures, OUTSCALE provides its customers and partners with its facilities and Cloud hosting equipment.


OUTSCALE Hosted DirectLink is designed for companies and institutions wishing to deploy their own network or security equipment in a data center close to the OUTSCALE Cloud with a low latency private network connection.


Available on all our European Cloud regions (except for the SecNumCloud qualified region), OUTSCALE Hosted DirectLink allows you to have your own appliances in our racks and to have full control of them thanks to DirectLink links.



Complementing our DirectLink offer, OUTSCALE can host your hardware (HSM, WAF, Firewall, etc.) in one of its data centers.



More specifically, the OUTSCALE Hosted DirectLink offer includes:

  • Up to 8 rack units, that is a quarter of a bay
  • Up to 2kVA electricity power supply
  • Up to 3 additional DirectLink connections
  • TIER 3+ data centers, ISO 27001 and HDS certified, among the market leaders

Benefits of OUTSCALE Hosted DirectLink



Maintain control of your security policies by integrating your security and compliance components into the Public Cloud perimeter with ease.

High-availability infrastructure


Have your own hardware as close as possible to your Cloud deployments in a secure environment with certified data centers and direct connection extensions.

Dedicated network links


Benefit from a dedicated network connection and access your Cloud resources securely, without passing through the public network.