Secure Sharing of Sensitive Data on a Sovereign Cloud




LockSelf is a French publisher specialized in cybersecurity that offers organizations a secure digital safe.


After 3 years of R&D, LockSelf entered the market in 2018 and obtained the First Level Security Certification (CSPN), delivered by the National Cybersecurity Agency of France (ANSSI), immediately afterwards.

The LockSelf safe is a suite of encryption solutions for organizations needing to secure the management and sharing of data on a daily basis. It integrates seamlessly with employees’ working environments and usage.

Today, LockSelf works with more than 200 companies, mainly in France, from small businesses to large groups, with a focus on the health, public and banking sectors, as well as on consulting and legal professions.


LockSelf solutions address two key issues:


  • The digitization of processes and the projects of transformation within organizations lack strategy in terms of data security. For example, a progressive migration to the Cloud and the dematerialization of documents must go hand in hand with a reflection on storage and sharing.
  • The lack of awareness regarding employee usage security. Employees constitute the main gateway for the majority of attacks. Software publishers do not (or hardly) offer simple solutions that integrate with employees’ work environments.



LockSelf solutions help customers address and reduce risks related to data management and sharing, both internally and with their stakeholders.


As a trusted third party in regards to sensitive and high-value-added data, LockSelf must ensure consistency throughout the entire value chain by setting high requirements not only for encryption mechanisms, but also for the storage of managed data.


3DS OUTSCALE guarantees Lockself and its clients that the data are hosted on data centers located in France and up to the market’s highest standards (ISO 27001, ISO 27017, ISO 27018, SecNumCloud and HDS).


3DS OUTSCALE’s Cloud and support enable LockSelf to leverage great scalability suited to their customers’ needs and in a continuous improvement mindset. LockSelf teams can also count on 3DS OUTSCALE technical experts for advice and support on the optimization and automation of their solutions.


The partnership established with 3DS OUTSCALE since 2016 is a great success.


Organizations being able to manage the integrity of their information assets from beginning to end (data management, sharing and storage) is now recognized as a differentiating feature on the cybersecurity market.


The deployment of the LockSelf safe for SNCF on 3DS OUTSCALE’s certified Cloud is a good example of the compatibility of the Cloud with the notions of data sovereignty and security.