Availability, Security and Robustness

Ensuring the operation of a Cloud computing platform 24 hours a day, 7 days a week consists in anticipating the unpredictable.

OUTSCALE makes every effort to ensure the security, accessibility and integrity of your resources by implementing a set of best practices to limit risks (natural disasters, physical attacks, etc.).

Redundant Connections


To ensure redundancy and thus preserve the stored data, the data centers operated by 3DS OUTSCALE have at least two outgoing network connections, that is to say a level of redundancy high enough to guarantee data availability in the event of an incident.



Thanks to long-standing and trusted network operator partners, the connections set up are distinct, both when in the public domain and when entering the data center.


Backup Plan and Policy


3DS OUTSCALE has implemented a process to guarantee fast disaster recovery (in the event of a fire, flooding of a data center, etc.) using snapshot copies, thus ensuring that the data durability SLAs are met.

A backup plan is defined to take into account all aspects of the organization (customer data, production equipment configuration, IT, etc.) and to ensure the RPO of 24 hours.

All elements of the backup plans are regularly tested to ensure that the backups are working properly.The backup site is located several kilometers away from the production site and the transfer is done via a private network link dedicated to 3DS OUTSCALE.


Sites Under Surveillance


The data centers’ physical security is entirely managed by providers who are experts in their fields, and is under their responsibility.

Only identified personnel are authorized to access and operate the 3DS OUTSCALE infrastructure. Interventions in data centers are validated beforehand and logged. The accesses given to authorized personnel are consistently reviewed at regular intervals.

  • All interventions are carried out under the presence and control of dedicated and authorized personnel.
  • Buildings are monitored 24/7 by authorized personnel.
  • The sites are under video surveillance.


Risk Management


3DS OUTSCALE pays great attention to the risk management plans implemented by its data center providers. These plans include:

  • Power supply redundant up to the delivery point: double electrical induction of the building, dual electrical grid, generator, UPS, etc.
  • Redundant air conditioning to ensure contractual temperature and humidity in our hosting rooms
  • Management of fire detection/suppression with no impact on the equipment in case of activation
  • Flood prevention
  • Protection against lightning strikes
  • Consideration of environmental criteria in the management of the machine room: preservation of water resources, use of carbon-free energy, etc.
  • Monitoring of temperature and humidity conditions
  • Implementation of alerts when thresholds are exceeded