Take Control of Your Cloud Infrastructure

Outscale Cloud, the only Sovereign Cloud for the Controlled and Scalable Infrastructure, fully ISO/IEC 27001:2013 and compliant with the CISPE.

With Outscale SAS, your Cloud infrastructure can be deployed locally – all hosting and data processing can be done locally within each country.

Why choose the Outscale SAS Cloud?

    • Fully compliant with French laws and standards
    • Sovereign Cloud – your data will be stored and managed locally in France
    • Provides Cloud solutions to ISV, startups and enterprises
    • Security – your data will be protected in our Cloud
    • Guarantees transparency in data locations.
  • Proposes an offer not subject to the Patriot Act. Unlike any other Cloud providers, Outscale SAS is not subject to the Patriot Act and does not allow any state to access a user’s data without informing them.

Do you have a Cloud Project?

The offer Cloud On-Demand, grouping all IaaS and PaaS services, is 100% compliant with the CISPE Code of Conduct

Since the beginning of Outscale, data protection has always been of our top priorities. All procedures and IaaS and PaaS services delivered are compliant with the CISPE code of conduct.

With this code of conduct, Outscale attests to maintain the highest level of data protection by enabling its clients to store their data on different territories.

Additionally, Outscale promises to our clients, we will never process or use your personal data for our own usage or for any marketing purposes.

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