Work-life Balance and Working Conditions



Work-life Balance and Working Conditions: A Foundation for OUTSCALE’s Growth

Our company’s growth is thanks to our employees, and we are all the prouder when our talents progress within the company.

We are implementing social, training, and career development plans that ensure inclusive recruitment and protection of our employees for the duration of their contract. We guarantee objectivity regarding the compensation system which is adjusted to standards of living and skill levels.

The works council, elected by the employees every four years, ensures regular labor relations and collective bargaining. Attentive to our talents’ wishes for career development, we facilitate internal mobility.


Reconciliation of work and personal life

Additionally, it is essential that we guarantee good working conditions and work-life balance, with our working from home convention, for example.

We keep our employees informed on various topics regarding work-life balance and working conditions through workshops, training, and awareness actions, for example during our yearly event dedicated to work-life balance and working conditions.


Also, our employees’ satisfaction is regularly measured through surveys by a tiers company, Bleexo.



Annual absenteeism rate in 2021




The Goûter 

Every other Thursday, our teams gather for a break organized by OUTSCALE. This moment of connection, that we managed to maintain even through the pandemic via videoconference, gives us the opportunity to sustain cohesion between teams and chat together.



Ensuring the Health and Safety of our Employees

We implement and guarantee a health and safety policy preventing physical and psychosocial risks.

This policy is conveyed through:

  • the yearly update of the single risk assessment document;
  • mandatory fire prevention training for every employee;
  • a Baywatch group, that is a team of trained first aiders;
  • a team specifically trained for the evacuation of the premises in case of an emergency;
  • specific safety training courses for technical jobs;
  • awareness training courses included in the yearly awareness campaign;
  • psychological support measures (hotline, etc.)


Furthermore, we launched a pandemic prevention plan in 2017 which allowed us to rapidly adapt to the health situation. This helped the creation, as early as March 2, 2020, of a “COVID-19 task force” dedicated to the handling of this crisis.




First-aiders in 2021


Employees specifically trained for the evacuation in 2021





Investing in the Future With Continuing Education and Youth Professional Integration

OUTSCALE believes it is important to invest in future generations and promotes a stable and lasting professional integration for young talents. This commitment is illustrated by the many interns (from middle schoolers to final-year students) and students taking part in work/study training programs we welcome among us.

Moreover, certified training courses enable our talents to develop their skills, an essential condition for them to evolve professionally and on a personal level. Finally, we encourage our employees to undergo a training course at least once a year.

In 7 years, OUTSCALE made 30 cases of internal mobility possible.




Interns in 2021 (12 interns in 2020)


Apprentice in 2021


employees under age of 30 in 2021




employees has access to at least
one training course in 2021


Training courses in 2021



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