What is the TISAX certification ?


Develop and Protect Your Innovations With Our TISAX Certified Cloud Solutions

Cloud computing is transforming the automotive industry, from design to production, to maintenance services and the purchasing process.

The automotive industry is a strategic sector that requires both high-performing and secure services in order to innovate while protecting the data of businesses and their users.

In order to bring the actors of the automotive industry together around the same security standards, and in partnership with the ENX Association (European Network Exchange), the German automotive industry association (VDA) has developed TISAX, a certification for the automotive industry.

Discover how OUTSCALE provides the necessary guarantees to meet today’s and tomorrow’s automotive challenges.

Cloud Security for the Automotive Industry

What is the TISAX® certification ?

The TISAX® certification is a catalog of criteria developed by the VDA and the ENX Association (European Network Exchange) which is based on the ISO 27001 and 27002 standards to assess information security in the automotive sector.


What are the advantages of the TISAX® certification ?

  • Uniform information security in the automotive industry to ensure that all actors in the automotive industry follow the same procedures and security requirements.

  • Faster supplier selection process, TISAX® is a globally recognized certification in the automotive industry.


Which organization is responsible for the implementation of TISAX® ?

Composed of automobile manufacturers, suppliers, and four automotive associations, ENX aims to promote and simplify the trust-based collaboration on industrial networks in the automotive sector.

ENX accredits auditors, keeps the accreditation criteria and the evaluation requirements up-to-date, and controls the quality of the implementation and the results of the evaluation.


3DS OUTSCALE, the First TISAX® Certified French Cloud Provider

3DS OUTSCALE has been audited with an AL3 level of assurance on the information security and data protection perimeter.

Which OUTSCALE regions are covered by the TISAX® certification ?

The following regions have been audited and certified TISAX® with AL3 level protection requirements:

  • EU-WEST-2A
  • EU-WEST-2B

Why choose 3DS OUTSCALE for hosting your data ?


3DS OUTSCALE guarantees high-performing services and end-to-end support to actors in the automotive industry.


The OUTSCALE Cloud has the most stringent certifications and qualifications on the market to protect the data of the automotive industry.


The infrastructure that hosts your data is available in data centers located in France and ISO 27001 certified.

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