Nvidia GPU

Nvidia GPU for Graphics Performance and High-Performance Computing. 

In addition to the agility and flexibility provided by the Cloud, Outscale also offers the Nvidia GPUs (Graphics Processing Unit), processors that are designed to provide high performance computing (HPC) for tough applications with large complex datas. 

GPUs provide computing capabilities to process different types of workloads including graphic designs, financial transactions, scientific calculations, and etc. They are integrated with the CPUs of Cloud servers to boost the data processing and speed up the calculations. 

With Nvidia cards, along with the hundreds of thousands of cores integrated into the Nvidia circuits, information is processed at a fast speed.

In parallel to the CPUs, Nvidia Grid GPUs processors are integrated in the Outscale Cloud and therefore, make your applications more faster and efficient.


Technologies operated:

  • NVIDIA Grid K2
  • NVIDIA Grid K1
  • NVIDIA Grid K20x  

 Nvidia GPU Performance

Now, businesses can enjoy both the benefits of GPU processing and the established advantages of Cloud infrastructure:

  • Speed and fluidity: accelerate the calculations for virtualization and 3D renderings.
  • Power and performance: benefit from the processing power of high performance computing.
  • Low latency: ensure a long-term fluidity process

 Benefits :

Built on an Enterprise Class Cloud, you are combining the Nvidia GPU high performance computing with the benefits of Cloud:

  • Computing intensive tasks: 3D modeling, image manipulation…
  • Providing the optimal levels of floating point performance
  • High performance graphic

Outscale is an innovative leader of Cloud computing. Partnering with Nvidia enables the integration of graphics processors in the Cloud and therefore, combines the performance of GPUs and agility of the Cloud. 


Building and Deploying Nvidia GPU Applications in The Outscale Cloud