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Saint-Cloud, 20 December 2021 – French pioneer of cloud computing and the first to believe in IaaS in France, 3DS OUTSCALE, a subsidiary of Dassault Systèmes, always seems to be one step ahead.  3DS OUTSCALE is  committed to meeting the highest  compliance requirements by having its organisation and infrastructure certified by trusted third parties. The company was recently awarded the SecNumCloud qualification by the the National  Cybersecurity Agency of France. To remain state-of-the-art, this technological flagship relies on technological excellence, but also on human values such as solidarity, ethics, social responsibility and equality. It is with the aim of extending its French knowledge beyond the country’s borders that 3DS OUTSCALE continues its global development.


3DS OUTSCALE is accelerating its strategy to conquer the international market

Spending on public cloud services is expected to account for 14.2% of global IT spending in 2024 according to a Gartner report. In fact, 3DS OUTSCALE’s desire for strong acceleration reflects this outlook.

A few months after the opening of its Asian hub, OUTSCALE K.K, which enabled the deployment of its offer in three data centers around Tokyo, 3DS OUTSCALE is asserting its strong desire to export beyond the French borders. By creating companies on each of the target markets, 3DS OUTSCALE guarantees data sovereignty and security in accordance with local regulations in the country where the companies are based. This is the continuation of the promise to be a multi-local trusted cloud.

With Trusted Cloud labelling, 3DS OUTSCALE relies in particular on its state-of-the-art technology and its certifications which correspond to the most rigorous standards.

Finally, 3DS OUTSCALE is also developing its own orchestration software, TINA OS, guaranteeing complete control of the Cloud. This software is designed to orchestrate and automate all of the Cloud resources.



David Chassan, Chief Strategy officer at 3DS OUTSCALE comments: “The adoption of Cloud Computing and the huge potential for the growth of the global market puts us in a strong position. We want to make 3DS OUTSCALE the reference in terms of sovereign and trusted Cloud, for private or public organisations who want to ensure that their data is stored in complete security. Our internationalisation proves that we are aware of the innovations that form our ecosystem today. This approach fosters the ambition to meet the needs of the markets addressed as well as possible, but also to identify the promising technologies of tomorrow.



3DS OUTSCALE, Dassault Systèmes’ Cloud subsidiary, places trust at the heart of its raison d’être by being a multi-local Cloud Computing player. Since 2010, 3DS OUTSCALE has been committed to a responsible vision of its technologies that inspire start-ups, software companies, enterprises and institutions to innovate in a way that respects current and future generations. Its mission to provide hyper-trusted Cloud services is reflected in its promise to satisfy the highest market requirements, such as the SecNumCloud qualification issued by ANSSI in 2019, making 3DS OUTSCALE the first Cloud provider to offer highly secure infrastructure services. This commitment is also supported by services and an organisation that is fully certified for security and information management in the Cloud (ISO 27001-27017-27018), and for Health Data Hosting (HDH). As a guarantor of the hyper-trusted Cloud in Europe, America and Asia, 3DS OUTSCALE offers a partitioning of the Cloud regions and supports strategic digital autonomy in Europe as a founding member of GAIA-X. Driven by the talents of its employees, 3DS OUTSCALE is the first Cloud provider to be committed to and awarded the CSR LUCIE ISO 26000 label for its sustainable, responsible and inclusive actions.

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