Welcome to CLOUD DAYS 2021, the annual conference of 3DS OUTSCALE

Saint-Cloud, 1 June 2021 – 3DS OUTSCALE, the Cloud subsidiary of Dassault Systèmes, was set up 10 years ago with the mission of creating a Cloud that is hyper-trusted, sovereign and based on excellence. A vision supported at the European and international level, made possible by the attention paid to technological realities and the expectations of companies and administrative authorities. Today, as a benchmark and trusted player, 3DS OUTSCALE opens its annual CLOUD DAYS conference which gathers experts and professionals of its ecosystem. A number of strategic announcements will be made during the course of this event.

2021 is the year in which collective awareness of the strategic value of data and the digital responsibility of organisations and institutions took hold. Today, boosted by the health crisis, the importance of the Cloud in digital transformation is no longer a question, but now an obvious fact. In the face of threats, public and private organisations are seeking guarantees of security and transparency. Accordingly, in order to meet various security and CSR regulatory requirements, adopting a hyper-trusted cloud is becoming a priority for organisations that are highly aware of the importance of protecting their resources.

In order to meet these challenges and imagine the Cloud of tomorrow, 3DS OUTSCALE, a Dassault Systèmes Cloud subsidiary, is organising the 7th edition of its CLOUD DAYS event.


3 strategic announcements will be made during the day:


1/ Established trust, controlled security 3DS OUTSCALE is positioned as a recognised provider of hyper-trusted Cloud services.

2/ Marketplace, the trusted ecosystem by 3DS OUTSCALE: to continue to offer a quality and extensive personalised Cloud experience, 3DS OUTSCALE is launching its Marketplace and is bringing leading partners on board for this purpose.

3/ CSR and social commitments: Alongside all of its stakeholders (customers, prospects, partners, employees), 3DS OUTSCALE is striving to offer a responsible Cloud, and thus is supporting sustainable innovation that respects current and future generations, and announces the renewal of its LUCIE 26000 certification.

“Since 2010, we have been championing the sovereign cloud by meeting the highest security requirements. Our Cloud technology contributes to the strategic digital autonomy in France and in Europe. And we are proud to support the digital transformation of companies and institutions with a unique Cloud: the Hyper-Trust Cloud.” says Laurent Seror, CEO and founder of 3DS OUTSCALE.


1/ Established trust, controlled security

The government has announced that the trusted cloud must become the essential technological foundation for organisations, particularly public administrations. With a market estimated to be worth €560 billion in 2030, the cloud is a strategic issue on which Europe and France must assert themselves in order to provide the best global cloud services while protecting the data of French and European citizens.

This new “Trusted Cloud” label has been consistent with the positioning and values of 3DS OUTSCALE since its creation. Given that it is based on the SecNumCloud security visa as well as on infrastructures located and operating in Europe, 3DS OUTSCALE is the player most aligned with the national plan for the Cloud announced by Bruno Le Maire.


3DS OUTSCALE, sovereign and trusted DNA in a multi-local version

3DS OUTSCALE sees the Cloud as a fundamental element in the digital transformation of companies, public institutions and society. Transparent as well as sovereign, it is a French-registered entity that operates in data processing on French territory.

The company offers its know-how, approved by the most demanding certifications issued by trusted third parties, to validate its approaches, organisations and services. These ISO 27001, ISO 27017, ISO 27018, HDS (Health Data), and SecNumCloud certifications, issued by ANSSI since 2019, provide companies and institutions with a commitment to excellence in terms processes and security.

Constantly at the forefront of the sector, 3DS OUTSCALE is a committed and responsible player, whose vision is to offer Cloud technologies that make responsible and sustainable innovation possible, and that place people at the heart of technological concerns for current and future generations. This momentum was rewarded by the renewal of the LUCIE 26000 label.

3DS OUTSCALE is a founding member of GAIA-X and aims to create an ecosystem of trusted data and infrastructure in Europe. Security, transparency and interoperability thus enable European companies to be ever more competitive at global level.

On a French and European scale, 3DS OUTSCALE offers a Cloud that it has mastered and that meets the highest requirements already operating with the government and in cities.


A SecNumCloud qualified cloud that increases its availability

 The SecNumCloud region has a second sovereign availability zone (AZ) for greater availability and resiliency.

The SecNumCloud qualified Public Sector Cloud offer is therefore evolving, guaranteeing customers high availability and resiliency, thus ensuring business continuity.

The two availability zones are securely interconnected and comply with all the security measures dictated by the SecNumCloud label. The customer can choose to deploy its resources in different AZs in order to isolate them from each other in the physical infrastructure, and thus reduce risks.

This SecNumCloud region, with a second availability zone, will be operational in September 2021.


The “TINA on-Premise” Cloud offer is in the process of being ISO 27001 certified

Referred to by Gartner as among the “Top 10 Strategic Technology Trends for 2020”, the Distributed Cloud is the first Cloud model that includes in its definition the physical location of the services provided by the Cloud.

After being deployed in France and India, TINA on-Premise is in the process of obtaining ISO 27001 certification, which qualifies all management processes and data security systems.


Outscale Inc. on the road to Excellence for multi-local trust

Reinforcing the recognition of OUTSCALE’s Cloud Excellence in each of the operational geographical areas, the Outscale Inc. entity, operating in the United States, meets the requirements of the ITAR regulation for the receipt, processing and storage of data and software for the aerospace, defence and government sectors. Outscale Inc. has adopted a security framework based on the National Institute of Standards and Technology (NIST) Special Publication (SP) 800-171, which details the security controls required to protect unclassified controlled information.

Outscale Inc. implements security controls at all levels. Physical security and access control policies ensure the safety of assets and people, while preventing unauthorised physical access to offices and data centres.

Employees and service providers receive regular training in the security policy throughout their careers.

The US entity is also in the process of obtaining ISO 27001 certification for its information security management system.

This international security standard consists of verifying the security of the information system’s tools and processes and validating the compliance of the Cloud Platform’s information security management systems with the most stringent industry requirements


2/ Marketplace, a trusted ecosystem by 3DS OUTSCALE :

In order to continue to offer a quality and extensive personalised Cloud experience, 3DS OUTSCALE launches its Marketplace this year. The 3DS OUTSCALE Marketplace allows us to offer a catalogue of reliable and compatible solutions, respecting the quality-of-service requirements of 3DS OUTSCALE. A one-stop shop to access the best turnkey Cloud services supported by approved vendors and partners and available on the 3DS OUTSCALE sovereign Cloud. The 3DS OUTSCALE Marketplace is intended to be an accelerator for the emergence of IT solutions. The latter is intended to enable French and European players to benefit from the guarantee of a sovereign ecosystem.

Carefully selected for the technology and quality of their products and services, 3DS OUTSCALE’s partner publishers make their know-how available to end customers through the Marketplace, guaranteeing them solutions hosted on a secure Cloud infrastructure and benefiting from sovereignty labels.

 OUTSCALE Marketplace allows share software solutions from different publishers to be shared in a new way. The Marketplace, a true ecosystem of trusted technology players around the Cloud and its SaaS and PaaS offerings, aims to:

  • Support a strategic, innovative sector with high economic potential;
  • Enhance and develop the skills related to this sector;
  • Accelerate the development of a trusted sovereign cloud that meets the challenges of industry and the services provided to citizens;
  • Contribute to the support, development and dissemination of a high level of requirement in terms of cyber security;
  • Create technological bridges between French and European Cloud players;
  • Foster the development high value-added sovereign PaaS and SaaS offers through the creation of partnerships with local players.

Finally, OUTSCALE Marketplace contributes directly to the acceleration of the development of technological offers by French and European companies, and to the support of the security and defence of governance of data of citizens and industry. All the proposed solutions are based on the reliable, secure and sovereign Cloud of 3DS OUTSCALE.

OUTSCALE Marketplace is available from 1 June 2021 on https://marketplace.outscale.com. More than 17 solutions are available from Stormshield (Airbus CyberSecurity subsidiary), OpenDataSoft, Lockself, Vianeo, Aucae, Yogosha, Scille, Jamespot…


3/ CSR practices and societal and responsible commitments:

The CSR policy and its commitments are included in the governance of 3DS OUTSCALE and its Information Security Management System (ISMS), the basis of the ISO 27001-2013 certification. 3DS OUTSCALE is the only French Cloud player, fully LUCIE 26000 certified since 2018 as part of its CSR approach.

The LUCIE 26000 label is the benchmark label for CSR in France and is aligned with the international standard for social responsibility ISO 26000. It once again validates the company’s strong commitment.

Alongside all of its stakeholders (customers, prospects, partners, employees), 3DS OUTSCALE is striving to offer a responsible Cloud, and thus is supporting sustainable innovation that respects current and future generations.

With a committed technological ecosystem[1], 3DS OUTSCALE can now claim a decrease in energy consumption and controlled GHG emissions (changes in operating modes, technical settings, “green” solutions or machine rooms configured for maximum energy optimisation, etc.).

To corroborate its CSR commitment, 3DS OUTSCALE opts on the one hand for a responsible purchasing approach by selecting suppliers of servers and processors that consume the least energy on the market, and on the other hand for a high-performance design of its services and infrastructures, which makes it possible to achieve a PUE (Power Usage Effectiveness) that is lower than the world average[2].


Lastly, 3DS OUTSCALE claims responsible internal governance with a M/F index up to 83/100 vs 79/100 in 2019. The launch of the OUTSCALE for Women initiative in favour of the feminisation of digital professions in partnership with Elles bougent further affirms the company’s societal and responsible commitments.

Other initiatives such as #Actforlife during the first lockdown- which saw the deployment of the Civic Reserve in just 4 days by Scalingo – or the strong determination to accelerate the development of disruptive start-ups in health, security and smart cities through its Outscale for Entrepreneurs program, underline the efforts made by 3DS OUTSCALE in terms of CSR.

Finally, in January 2021, 3DS OUTSCALE signed the Climate Neutral Data Centre Pact, a European pact for climate neutral data centre by 2030.




3DS OUTSCALE, the Cloud subsidiary of Dassault Systèmes, focuses first and foremost on trustworthiness in its operations as a multi-region Cloud provider. Since 2010, 3DS OUTSCALE has committed to a responsible vision for its technologies which have inspired start-ups, software editors, businesses and institutions to innovate for current and future generations. Our mission to offer fully trusted Cloud services is reflected in our promise to meet the highest market requirements, including the SecNumCloud qualification issued by the National Cybersecurity Agency of France (ANSSI) in 2019, making 3DS OUTSCALE the first Cloud provider to offer highly secure infrastructure services. This commitment is also demonstrated by our Cloud services and our organization being fully certified in terms of Cloud information security and data management (ISO 27001:13-27017-27018) and health data hosting (HDS). As the guarantor of the fully trusted Cloud in Europe, America and Asia, 3DS OUTSCALE offers a partitioning of the Cloud regions. 3DS OUTSCALE also acts for strategic digital autonomy in Europe as a founding member of GAIA-X. Driven by the talent of its employees, 3DS OUTSCALE is the first Cloud provider to have committed to CSR and to be awarded the LUCIE ISO 26000 CSR label for its sustainable, responsible and inclusive actions.


Web: https://en.outscale.com

LinkedIn: https://www.linkedin.com/company/outscale

Twitter: https://twitter.com/outscale_fr


OUTSCALE, TINA, CLOUD DAYS, Scaledome, Scalebox and their respective logos are registered trademarks of Outscale SAS in France, the USA and/or other countries.


[1] Source: Report on 3DS Outscale’s Eco-Responsible and Sustainable Commitments | by AdVaes – www.advaes.com

[2] estimated by the Uptime Institute at 1.59 in 2020