OSU: Object Storage Unit

Object Storage Technology 

OSU solution is a secure object storage solution that enables you to easily store, back up and archive your on-line data.

Usable by API, OSU easily and quickly adapts itself to your data evolution. You benefit from a pay-per-use pricing model and a efficient and highly available solution.


Outscale offers OSU (Object Storage Unit): object storage solutions that allow you to take large-scale advantage of your Cloud applications.

Your data contained in unstructured objects is grouped in a storage environment where each object has a unique identifier to provide for easy extraction.

 Characteristics of OSU solution:

  • Upgradable-on-demand storage
  • Secure storage with completely controlled access for content owners
  • High-performance object storage for web applications
  • Configurable life cycle policies
  • Value storage and restoration solutions
  • Pay-per-use pricing model
  • Usable by AWS S3*-compatible API
  • No installation fees: you pay for what you use
  • SLA Object Storage: 99,9999999999% sustainability


 With OSU, your data is copied several times:

  • 3 times,
  • 6 times.


  • Ideal for large-sized objects: You can store all types of files on OSU (documents, database backups, multimedia, archive…). OSU hosts very large file sizes.
  • Simplified management: You easily set up your own secure Drive and add the storage capacity you need.
  • Geolocation of your data: You choose the geographic area to store your data and benefit from the high availability and best latencies.
  • Data confidentiality: We protect the confidentiality of your data and information in respect of the digital sovereignty policy.
  • Simplified scalability and instant agility when using our storage solution: Outscale OSU solution is available and integrated into the “overflow on Object storage ” section of the NetApp® Cloud Backup service.
  • Easy deployment of the solution on different architectures: private, hybrid or public cloud.
  • 3-times or 6-times replication: Resilience in data access.
  • Outscale Cloud Expert service offers some data accommodation, storage and processing infrastructure, with the support of NetApp, a renowned technology partner.

Exceptional performance in all simplicity:


  1. Put your file on the Cloud
  2. The replication is automatic
  3. Access to data is secured




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