Founded in 2010 and a strategic partner of Dassault Systèmes, 3DS OUTSCALE is at the forefront of Cloud Computing infrastructure services (IaaS).

3DS OUTSCALE’s technology makes an automated and adaptable Cloud available to businesses, supporting them in the most complex IT projects while controlling their operational aspects. You boost your IT infrastructure’s reactivity, with request responses that only take a few seconds.

Our internally-developed TINA OS Cloud operating system manages and automates our Cloud resources: calculations, storage, and networking. With TINA OS, you benefit from an infrastructure that can be automated through APIs. Developed on Open Source elements, this software is compatible with the Amazon EC2 TM* service.

3DS OUTSCALE ensures data security and resources’ power and availability in the Cloud in real time. Deployed in the best datacentres in Europe, North America and Asia, the 3DS OUTSCALE Cloud supplies computing resources to its demanding clients world-wide.

The Enterprise Class 3DS OUTSCALE Cloud delivers the most complete calculating, storage and network infrastructure on the market with support from renowned partner technology from Cisco, NetApp, Intel, and Nvidia.


The fundamentals

  • An Enterprise Class Cloud based on leading technologies that offers a homogeneous infrastructure: Cisco with the Advanced-level CMSP (Cloud and Managed Services Programme) and Cisco Powered® certification; Intel with the certification of processors used in data processing approved by ICT (Intel Cloud Technology); NetApp for “Built on NetApp” storage solutions and Altavault certification; and Nvidia with the latest generation K2 cards specially designed for 3D virtualisation.
  • A highly scalable Cloud that allows for numerous options for configuring Cloud servers (processor, RAM, storage, OS, etc.) thanks to CxRy-type instances.
  • An open Cloud that allows you to freely control IT resources through the power of APIs and to opt for a multi-Cloud strategy with AWS EC2TM and Openstack interoperability
  • A Cloud compliant with countries’ local regulations and that meets the latest security standards (ISO certification 27001)

3DS OUTSCALE in dates and figures


3DS OUTSCALE celebrates its 10th anniversary and announces the opening of a second Cloud region certified SecNumCloud

JUNE 2020

GAIA-X founding member
DECEMBER 2019 3DS OUTSCALE IaaS infrastructure is the first to receive the SecNumCloud qualification
DECEMBER 2019 3DS OUTSCALE receives the Health Data Hosting (HDS) certification
SEPTEMBER 2019 3DS OUTSCALE becomes the first Cloud partner of Catalyseur de Paris Ouest La Défense
JULY 2019 3DS OUTSCALE and Computacenter work together for the digital transformation of organizations
FEBRUARY 2019 3DS OUTSCALE referenced by SCC as one of their Cloud partners
FEBRUARY 2019 3DS OUTSCALE enters the growth champion ranking by Les Echos
DECEMBER 2018 Fujitsu France chooses 3DS OUTSCALE as a leading partner for its hybrid Cloud
SEPTEMBER 2018 Scaledome, 3DS OUTSCALE’s startup acceleration program becomes OUTSCALE for Entrepreneurs
SEPTEMBER 2018 3DS OUTSCALE reinforces its security with the ISO 27017 and 27018 certifications
JULY 2018 3DS OUTSCALE receives the “Silicon Innovation Award” from Silicon
MAY 2018 Corporate Social Responsibility : 3DS OUTSCALE receives LUCIE label
MARCH 2018 3DS OUTSCALE Becomes Preferred Partner within NVIDIA Partner Network
DECEMBER 2017 3DS OUTSCALE receives Cisco Excellence Award EMEA for the quality of its Cloud architecture
NOVEMBER 2017 3DS OUTSCALE extends ISO 27001 certification to R&D department
JUNE 2017 Dassault Systèmes becomes majority shareholder
APRIL 2017 Launch of Outscale Professional Services 
MARCH 2017 Outscale, 1st French cloud provider to open a data center in Silicon Valley
DECEMBER 2016 Opening of a third Data center in the USA, New Jersey
JULY 2016 Launch of Scalebox, Outscale’s storage offering
MARCH 2016 Outscale is voted “CMSP France of the Year 2016” by Cisco
FEBRUARY 2016 O2S is available as a free download in the Apple Store
DECEMBER 2015 Outscale presents the Cloud Sprint programme dedicated to supporting software publishers
NOVEMBER 2015 O2S is available as a free download in the Google Android Play Store
OCTOBER 2015 Outscale receives the Intel Cloud Technology (ICT) label from Intel.
SEPTEMBER 2015 Outscale is certified as a Cloud and Managed Service Provider (CMSP) Advanced by Cisco.
MAY 2015 Outscale opens its accelerator for innovative start-ups in IoT, Big Data, Machine Learning, Deep Learning and Smart City
OCTOBER 2014 Outscale obtains ISO 27001 certification and positions itself as one of Europe’s first businesses specialized in the Cloud to have the most complete certification in terms of data security.
SEPTEMBER 2014 Outscale launches its Partners Programme, looking to bring together key actors in information management innovation.
JULY 2014 The first edition of the Cloud Days in Paris, an event dedicated to the Cloud’s ecosystem, business challenges and techniques in France.
APRIL 2014 Outscale’s Hong Kong data centre opens
DECEMBER 2013 Outscale reaches turnover of 7.5 million euros in 2013.
OCTOBER 2012 Outscale’s Boston (USA) data centre opens
2011-2013 Outscale dedicates itself over two years to developing its automated and managed offer via internally developed software: TINA OS. Outscale’s technology is based on open-source elements that meet the market’s Cloud API standards thanks to its Amazon EC2™* compatibility. Outscale hosts 3 petabytes of data in its Cloud infrastructure.
JANUARY 2011 Outscale receives a total of 16 million euros in its first financing comprised 100% of private capital.
OCTOBER 2010 Outscale is founded. Literally “out of scale”, the new Cloud actor looks to be an industrial solution that exceeds – by its excellence and its technical know-how – the traditional offers on the market.
MARCH 2010 Bernard Charlès, Dassault Systèmes’ Managing Director, alerts the authorities of Amazon’s supremacy and the governance problems for French businesses. At the initiative of a necessary French Cloud project, Dassault Systèmes leaves the public programmes formed by Thalès and Orange for Outscale

*Amazon Web Service, the “Powered by Amazon Web Service”
Amazon EC2™, are trademarks of Amazon.com, Inc. Or its affiliates in the United States and/or other countries.

Laurent Seror, Founder and Chairman of 3DS OUTSCALE

Laurent Seror took his first steps in deploying a network and business applications system for his squadron as part of his military service in 1996. In 1997, he created the company AGARIK with two associates. In 1999, he continued in the online hosting field by helping the AMEN company acquire all of the server, network and reservation service infrastructures for domain names and online payment. In 2006, AGARIK acquires SOFT2YOU, the leading hosted applications provider, and joins BULL’s information management division. In 2008, Laurent Seror created the BULL PI network operations business, as well as the first land network using RAMAN technology to reduce latency. He also implemented AGARIK’s first Cloud offer. In 2009, he was made director of the Network & Security unit and merges networking, storage and server activity in order to offer businesses convergent offers compatible with the latest technological advances in the field.

In March 2010, Laurent Seror joined Dassault Systèmes as Cloud Computing Director. He was in charge of developing SaaS, PaaS and IaaS offers. In October 2010, he founded Outscale with support from Dassault Systèmes. Its main goal is to develop and launch the ultimate IaaS Cloud offer in the French and international market.

Laurent Seror is a graduate of Pierre and Marie Curie University-Paris VI as well as the Claude Bernard University of Lyon I, and has an engineering degree in Industrial Chemistry from the Ecole supérieure de Chimie Physique Electronique de Lyon.