Infrastructure as a Service, the heart of our business

Cloud Computing is using remote computer servers’ calculating power or storage via a network, such as the internet. This technology, based on Infrastructure as a Service (IaaS) allows businesses to be more agile and innovative.


The foundations of Cloud Computing: Infrastructure as a Service (IaaS)

IaaS is a cloud solution of infrastructure on demand. This solution gives access to computer resources in an entirely virtual environment. This technology allows you to consider your computing infrastructure not as a cost centre, but as a profit centre. With access to the resources you need in a few seconds, you pay on demand, when you consume resources.


Infrastructure as a Service is made up of various computing resources

consommation infrastructure as a service


  • vCPUs : virtual processors that provide calculating power
  • RAM : random access memory available for virtual machines*
stockage infrastructure as a service


  • Disk : permanent storage
  • Snapshot : instant for a volume (disk)
  • Images : operating systems available for deploying virtual machines
network infrastructure as a service


  • External IP :Permanent public IP address given to a virtual instance
  • Route Table** : routing table
  • Internet Gateway** : public pathway that allows for access via the internet
  • Virtual Private Gateway** : private pathway that allows for access via a VPN or DirectLink
  • VPN Connection** : VPN connection between the client and the VPC
  • Bandwidth : speed of the internet access channel
Security infrastructure as a service


  • Keypair : SSH keys that allow you to connect to virtual machines
  • Security Groups : firewall rules specific to Cloud services

*or virtual instance or virtual server
**resources specific to the Virtual Private Cloud (VPC)


IaaS gives you flexibility and control in managing your computing resources.

IaaS allows you to build a bespoke infrastructure by combing computing resources made available by the Cloud provider. We are committed to supplying our customers with Enterprise class infrastructure with our technology partners: Cisco, Intel, NetApp and Nvidia.

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