Public Cloud

Quick deploy your applications on the Public Cloud

Outscale provides a whole range of cloud resources for businesses on the Public Cloud: Computing power, storage systems, network infrastructure. Resources on the Outscale cloud can be managed by API.

Outscale cloud is present in 9 zones spread over 3 continents: Europe, North America and Asia; thanks to this low-latency infrastructure, you and your clients receive the same quality of service throughout the world.

Our Enterprise Class infrastructures are all homogeneous and based on equipment from renowned technology leaders (Cisco, Intel, NetApp, and Nvidia).

Joining the Outscale Cloud is easy:

Step 1: Choose your working region

I am the French Cloud that offers the greatest flexibility of use. But you can also work with my little brothers in America or China. We promise to never share information amongst ourselves: that’s an Outscale guarantee.

icones_étapes_cloud_public_magnetic public cloud

Step 2: Launch resources according to your needs

My name’s TINA and I am at your service. Ask me to start your virtual machine, give it a public IP address, and up to 20 block volumes. By default I keep your resources secure by blocking all incoming traffic. But just tell me which feeds you want to open, and for whom. You give the orders, I carry them out.

icones_étapes_cloud_public_magnetic ephemeral public cloud

Step 3: Use the Cloud with complete freedom!

icones_étapes_cloud_public_SSD commodity public cloud