State-of-the-Art Data Centers

3DS OUTSCALE, Cloud leader and pure player in France, ensures the power and real time availability of resources in the Cloud as well as the security of data. 3DS OUTSCALE provides computing resources to its high-standard customers worldwide and in the best data centers in Europe, North America and Asia.


3DS OUTSCALE takes on a selective and high-standard approach in the choice of its partners in order to ensure its customers the best of technology and to gain their total confidence in the services delivered within its Cloud infrastructures delivered as part of its Cloud infrastructure. This corresponds to the chain of trust.



3DS OUTSCALE is aware of the stake and importance of your data and does not compromise on the quality of delivered services

In order to guarantee a high-performance infrastructure and continuous innovation in its services, 3DS OUTSCALE surrounds itself with technological partners of world renown.


Data Center Partners of Excellence


3DS OUTSCALE has chosen to rely on expert, certified and market-leading data center providers to host its IT facilities on physical sites:




3DS OUTSCALE selects its data center partners based on specific rules and contractual conditions, in line with the expected standards for its equipment’s environment.. Discover our security best practices.


Highly Qualified Data Centers

Data centers are very complex and strategic infrastructures for enterprise customers. Data center providers offer a variety of sites in terms of size, structure, location, services, certification, etc.

Sites are ranked in order of qualification based on quality and reliability:

Tier I

Basic capacity (99.671% availability rate)

Tier II

Partial redundancy (99.749% availability rate)

Tier III

Maintainability (99.982% availability rate)

Tier IV

Fault tolerance (99.995% availability rate) 


3DS OUTSCALE chooses the best data centers by selecting ISO 27001 certified sites that are at least Tier III compliant to ensure high quality services. Discover our points of presence.

In addition to the qualification, 3DS OUTSCALE deploys its Cloud services in 16 recognized and certified data centers with the highest certifications: