Business Ethics

Ethical Approach in All Our Activities

At OUTSCALE, we prevent any act of active or passive corruption by establishing procedures to deal with these risks, including rules on benefits and gifts consented to and by our employees.

Our policies aim for transparency and integrity. They define the behavior to be adopted to ensure that all business interactions comply with the commitments of our parent company, Dassault Systèmes.

These principles are listed in OUTSCALE’s internal rules and regulations, in which the following can be found:

  • Anti-corruption policy
  • Whistleblowing procedure
  • Code of business conduct
  • Code of ethics

Any individual working at or for OUTSCALE must read these rules and regulations and the said appendixes.  




A Thorough Internal and External Control

We guarantee ethics and integrity, both in our business relations and with respect to individual rights. As a subsidiary of a multinational company subject to duty of care,  OUTSCALE ensures the latter is applied to all our activities.

As such, the whistleblowing procedure implemented by Dassault Systèmes is made available to our employees so that they can report a breach of our obligations at any time.

We ensure transparency and rigorous control of our accounts, which are published and audited by an external body yearly. This control also applies to our relations with our suppliers through a purchasing policy.  Our code of ethics includes a section on sustainable purchasing. Our General Purchasing Conditions include commitments on our suppliers’ social responsibility.  Finally, information we are asking for in the context of audits and calls for bids include CSR requirements.



Employee Training and Awareness

OUTSCALE integration program includes mandatory business ethics training:

  • Strategy training: understanding the company’s values, commitments and ethics
  • Social media training: engaging in the public sphere responsibly
  • GDPR training: understanding employees’ rights and duties regarding the personal data protection
  • Intellectual property training: understanding the legal structure for intellectual property rights in the professional environment
  • Business corruption training (by Dassault Systèmes)

We also include the following topics in the yearly awareness program: 

  • duty to alert 
  • sustainable purchasing
  • competition law
  • intellectual property

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